1000 Islands Ecology

Species Checklist
for the

of the
Thousand Islands
Oliver K. Reichl, B.E.S.(Hons)

This checklist contains the English names of sedge species whose range includes the Thousand Islands ecosystem. Tracked species should be reported to Ontario's Natural Heritage Resources Centre (NHIC). Simply click the link ("Yes") to go directly to the NHIC's online reporting form.

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Kingdom: Plants
—Subkingdom: Vascular Plants
——Division: Angiosperms (Flowering Plants)
———Class: Monocotyledons (Monocots)
————Subclass: Commelinidae
—————Order: Cyperales (Grasses and Sedges)
Common Name Synonyms Tracked
Awned Sedge ----- No
Beaked Sedge Bottle-brush Sedge No
Bebb's Sedge Bebb's Oval Sedge No
Black-edged Sedge ----- Yes
Black Sedge Compressed Sedge, Drooping Wood No
Bladder Sedge Shining Bur Sedge No
Blunt Broom Sedge Awl-fruited Oval Sedge No
Blunt Spikerush ----- No
Bristly Sedge ----- No
Broad-leaved Sedge ----- No
Brome-like Sedge Bromelike Sedge, Brome Hummock Sedge No
Brook Flat-sedge River Cyperus, Umbrella-sedge No
Brownish Sedge Green Bog Sedge No
Burreed Sedge Bur-reed Sedge, Loose-headed Bracted Sedge No
Chufa Flat-sedge Yellow Nut-sedge, Edible Cyperus, Yellow Umbrella-sedge No
Clustered Sedge Dense Sedge, Piled-up Sedge, Accumulating Sedge No
Common Three-square Chair-maker's Rush No
Cottongrass Bulrush Woolly Bulrush, Black-sheathed Bulrush No
Crawford Sedge Crawford's Sedge, Crawford's Oval Sedge No
Creeping Spikerush Swamp Spikerush, Small's Spikerush No
Crested Sedge Crested Oval Sedge No
Cyperus-like Sedge Cypress-like Sedge, False Bristly Sedge, Cyperus Sedge No
Dark-green Bulrush Blackish Bulrush, Black Bulrush No
Drooping Sedge ----- No
Dry-spike Sedge ----- No
Dry Woods Sedge Drooping Woods Sedge Yes
Emmons' Sedge ----- Yes
Fernald's Hay Sedge Bronzy Sedge, Hay Sedge, Silvery-flowered Hay Sedge No
Fescue Sedge Shorter Sedge, Plains Oval Sedge No
Fibrous-root Sedge Common Sedge, Common Beech Sedge, Fibrous-rooted Sedge No
Field Sedge Prairie Gray Sedge, Cone-shaped Sedge Yes
Finely-nerved Sedge Few-nerved Wood Sedge, Nerveless Woodland Sedge No
Flat-stemmed Spikerush Compressed Spikerush No
Fox Sedge Brown Fox Sedge No
Foxtail Sedge Brown-headed Wood Sedge No
Fringed Sedge Sickle-grass No
Graceful Sedge Filiform Sedge, Purple-sheathed Graceful Sedge No
Great Plains Flat-sedge ----- Yes
Great Plains Flat-sedge ----- No
Hard-stem Club-rush Pointed Bulrush, Hard-stemmed Bulrush No
Hay Sedge Silvery Hay Sedge Yes
Hidden Sedge Umbel-like Sedge, Early Oak Sedge, Umbellate Sedge No
Hop Sedge Common Hop Sedge No
Inflated Sedge Tufted Lake Sedge, Lesser Bladder Sedge, Blister Sedge No
Inland Sedge Prairie Star Sedge No
Lake-bank Sedge Lake Sedge, Common Lake Sedge No
Least Spikerush Needle Spikerush No
Little Green Sedge Greenish Sedge, Green Sedge No
Livid Sedge ----- No
Long-stalk Sedge Long-stalked Sedge, Peduncled Sedge No
Longbeak Sedge Sprengel's Sedge, Long-beaked Sedge No
Loose-flowered Sedge Beech Wood Sedge No
Meadow Sedge Granular Sedge, Pale Sedge No
Necklace Sedge Loose-headed Oval Sedge No
Normal Sedge Spreading Oval Sedge, Larger Straw Sedge No
Northeastern Sedge Hidden-scaled Sedge, Small Yellow Sedge No
Oval-leaved Sedge Oval-headed Sedge, Shotr-headed Bracted Sedge No
Ovate Spikerush Ovoid Spikerush No
Pale Sedge ----- No
Pennsylvania Sedge Penn Sedge, Common Oak Sedge No
Plantain-leaved Sedge ----- No
Pointed Broom Sedge Broom Sedge No
Porcupine Sedge ----- No
Pubescent Sedge Hairy Wood Sedge No
Red-tinged Bulrush Small-fruited Bulrush, Red-sheathed Bulrush No
Retrorse Sedge Deflexed Bottle-brush Sedge No
River Club-rush River Bulrush, River Clubrush No
Rosy Sedge Stellate Sedge, Curly-styled Wood Sedge No
Rufous Bulrush Pendulous Bulrush No
Rusty Flat-sedge Galingale, Fragrant Umbrella-sedge, False Rusty Flat-sedge No
Sallow Sedge Shining Sedge, Bottle-brush Sedge No
Sheathed Sedge ----- No
Short-scale Sedge Dewey's Sedge No
Slender Sedge Weak Sedge, Straw Sedge No
Slender Sedge Villose Sedge, Wooly Sedge, Narrow-leaved Woolly Sedge No
Slender Wood Sedge Narrow-leaved Wood Sedge No
Soft-leaf Sedge Soft-leaved Sedge, Two-seeded Sedge No
Soft-stem Club-rush Strong Bulrush, Soft-stem Bulrush, American Great Bulrush, Softstem Bullrush No
Spiked Sedge Spiked Bracted Sedge No
Spreading Sedge ----- No
Stalk-grain Sedge Stipitate Sedge, Awl-fruited Sedge, Awlfruit Sedge No
Stellate Sedge Radiate Sedge, Straight-styled Wood Sedge No
Straw-colored Flat-sedge Straw-colored Cyperus, Straw-colored Umbrella-sedge No
Tawny Cotton-grass Virginia Cotton-grass No
Three-seeded Sedge Three-fruited Sedge No
Three-way Sedge Dulichium, Reed-like Three-way Sedge No
Tuckerman Sedge Tuckerman's Sedge, Bent-seeded Hop Sedge No
Tussock Sedge Stiff Sedge No
Umbel-like Sedge Red-seeded Sedge, Wrinkle-seeded Oak Sedge No
Water Sedge Aquatic Sedge, Goodenough's Sedge No
White Bear Sedge Blunt-scaled Wood Sedge No
White-tinged Sedge Peck's Sedge No
Woolly Sedge ----- No
Yellow-fruited Sedge ----- Yes
Yellow Sedge ----- No
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