1000 Islands Ecology

Species Checklist
for the
Non-vascular Plants
of the
Thousand Islands
Oliver K. Reichl, B.E.S.(Hons)

This checklist contains the Latin names of all non-vascular plant species whose range includes the Thousand Islands ecosystem. Tracked species should be reported to Ontario's Natural Heritage Resources Centre (NHIC). Simply click the link ("Yes") to go directly to the NHIC's online reporting form.

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Kingdom: Fungi
óDivision: Ascomycota
Latin Name Synonyms Tracked
Mycocalicium subtile Calicium subtile, Mycocalicium parietinum No
Graphis scripta Clypeosphaeria limitata, Graphis abietina, Graphis abietina f. horizontalis, Graphis cerasi, Graphis diffracta var. flexuosa, Graphis diffracta var. major, Graphis diffracta var. minor, Graphis diffracta var. radiata, Graphis pulverulenta, Graphis pulverulenta f. cerasi, Graphis scripta f. diffusa, Graphis scripta f. divaricata, Graphis scripta f. eutypa, Graphis scripta f. flexuosa, Graphis scripta f. horizontalis, Graphis scripta f. major, Graphis scripta f. minor, Graphis scripta f. recta, Graphis scripta f. varia, Graphis scripta var. abietina, Graphis scripta var. cerasi, Graphis scripta var. diffracta, Graphis scripta var. diffusa, Graphis scripta var. divaricata, Graphis scripta var. divaricata, Graphis scripta var. eutypa, Graphis scripta var. flexuosa, Graphis scripta var. fraxini, Graphis scripta var. horizontalis, Graphis scripta var. limitata, Graphis scripta var. minuta, Graphis scripta var. pulverulenta, Graphis scripta var. radiata, Graphis scripta var. recta, Graphis scripta var. serpentina, Graphis scripta var. spathea, Graphis scripta var. stellata, Graphis scripta var. tremulans, Graphis scripta var. typographica, Graphis scripta var. varia, Graphis serpentina, Graphis serpentina var. diffusa, Graphis serpentina var. divaricata, Graphis serpentina var. eutypa, Graphis serpentina var. flexuosa, Graphis serpentina var. horizontalis, Graphis serpentina var. minuta, Graphis serpentina var. radiata, Graphis serpentina var. recta, Graphis serpentina var. spathea, Graphis serpentina var. stellata, Graphis serpentina var. tremulans, Graphis serpentina var. varia, Graphis spathea, Leproncus scriptus, Lichen cerasi, Lichen scriptus, Lichen serpentinus, Opegrapha cerasi, Opegrapha pulverulenta, Opegrapha pulverulenta var. fraxini, Opegrapha recta, Opegrapha scripta, Opegrapha scripta var. abietina, Opegrapha serpentina, Sphaeria limitata, Valsa eutypa, Verrucaria scripta, Verrucaria typographica No
Diploschistes scruposus Lichen scruposus, Parmelia scruposa, Urceolaria scruposa No
Dermatocarpon luridum Biatora lurida, Biatora petrii, Dermatocarpon aquaticum, Dermatocarpon fluviatile, Dermatocarpon weberi, Endocarpon aquaticum, Endocarpon fluviatile, Entosthelia fluviatilis, Lecidea lurida, Lecidea petrii, Lepidoma luridum, Lichen amphibius, Lichen aquaticus, Lichen fluviatilis, Lichen luridus, Lichen weberi, Lobaria aquatica, Mycobilimbia lurida, Parmelia aquatica, Parmelia fluviatilis, Patellaria lurida, Placodium luridum, Platisma aquaticum, Psora lurida, Psora petrii, Schaereria lurida No
Dermatocarpon miniatum Dermatocarpon miniatum var. miniatum, Caloplaca saxicola ssp. miniata, Capnia miniata, Dermatocarpon miniatum, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. complicatum, Endocarpon miniatum, Entosthelia miniata, Epistictum miniatum, Lichen miniatus, Lobaria miniata, Rhodocarpon miniatum, Umbilicaria miniata No
Verrucaria fuscella Catopyrenium fuscellum, Endocarpon fuscellum, Endopyrenium fuscellum, Lichen fuscellus, Lithocia fuscella, Trichothecium fuscellum, Verrucaria glaucina, Verrucaria viridula var. laucina, Verrucula fuscella No
Verrucaria glaucovirens Verrucaria virens No
Verrucaria muralis Verrucaria rupestris, Verrucaria submuralis, Verrucaria virens No
Lasallia papulosa Gyrophora papulosa, Lasallia pustulata ssp. papulosa, Umbilicaria pustulata var. papulosa, Umbilicaria papulosa No
Umbilicaria deusta Gyrophora deusta, Gyrophora flocculosa, Gyrophora polyphylla var. flocculosa, Lichen deustus, Lichen flocculosus, Umbilicaria flocculosa, Umbilicaria varia var. deusta, Umbilicaria varia var. flocculosa No
Umbilicaria mammulata Gyrophora dillenii, Gyrophora mammulata No
Umbilicaria muehlenbergii Actinogyra muehlenbergii, Gyrophora muehlenbergii No
Acarospora fuscata Acarospora squamulosa, Acarospora cartilaginea, Acarospora peliscypha, Acarospora peliscyphoides, Lecanora badia var. fuscata, Lecanora squamulosa No
Sarcogyne clavus Biatorella clavus No
Aspicilia cinerea Aspicilia cinerea var. cinerea, Lecanora cinerea, Lichen cinereus, Urceolaria cinerea ?
Aspicilia verrucigera Lecanora verrucigera No
Placynthiella uliginosa Lecidea humosa, Lecidea uliginosa, Saccomorpha uliginosa No
Trapeliopsis granulosa Biatora granulosa, Biatora viridescens var. sapinea, Helocarpon granulosum, Helocarpon sapineum, Lecanora granulosa, Lecidea gelatinosa ssp. prasinorufa, Lecidea granulosa, Lecidea quadricolor, Lecidea sapinea, Lichen granulosus, Lichen quadricolor, Parmelia cirrhata f. granulosa, Parmelia granulosa, Patellaria granulosa, Trapelia granulosa, Verrucaria granulosa No
Bacidia rubella Bacidia luteola, Biatomia rubella, Bacidia luteola f. porriginosa, Bacidia luteola var. porriginosa, Bacidia rubella var. porriginosa, Biatora luteola, Biatora rubella, Bilimbia luteola, Lecidea granulosa var. porriginosa, Lecidea luteola, Lecidea rosella, Lichen luteolus, Lichen porriginosus, Ochrolechia luteola, Patellaria luteola, Patellaria rubella, Secoliga rubella, Verrucaria rubella No
Candelaria concolor Caloplaca concolor, Lecanora candelaria, Lichen concolor, Squamaria candelaria, Teloschistes concolor No
Candelariella aurella Candelariella aurella f. aurella, Candelariella cerinella, Callopisma epixanthum, Caloplaca epixantha, Candelaria aurella, Candelaria epixantha, Candelaria vitellina var. aurella, Candelariella aurella, Candelariella epixantha,Candelariella vitellina var. aurella, Gyalolechia aurella, Gyalolechia epixantha, Lecanora aurella, Lecanora epixantha, Lecidea epixantha, Patellaria aurella, Patellaria epixantha, Placodium aurellum, Verrucaria aurella No
Candelariella vitellina Candelariella vitellina f. vitellina, Caloplaca vitellina, Candelaria vitellina, Candelariella vitellina var. corrusca, Lichen vitellinus, Parmelia vitellina var. corrusca, Verrucaria vitellina, Xanthoria vitellina No
Catillaria lenticularis Arthonia lilliei, Biatora lenticularis, Biatora lenticularis f. nigricans, Biatorina dolosa, Biatorina lenticularis, Biatorina lenticularis f. erubescens, Biatorina lenticularis f. nigricans, Bilimbia lenticularis, Catillaria dolosa, Catillaria gagei, Dimaura dolosa, Lecidea dolosa, Lecidea gagei, Lecidea lenticularis, Microlecia lenticularis, Patellaria lenticularis, Zeora lenticularis ?
Toninia sedifolia Toninia caeruleonigricans, Biatorina coeruleonigricans, Lichen coeruleonigricans, Lichen sedifolius No
Cladina arbuscula ssp. arbuscula Cladina arbuscula, Cladonia arbuscula, Cladonia sylvatica, Cladonia sylvatica var. scabrosa, Patellaria arbuscula, Patellaria foliacea var. arbuscula No
Cladina rangiferina Cladonia rangiferina, Lichen rangiferinus No
Cladonia coniocraea Cenomyce coniocraea, Cladonia coniocraea f. ramulosa No
Cladonia cristatella ----- No
Cladonia gracilis Capitularia gracilis, Cenomyce gracilis, Lichen gracilis No
Cladonia grayi Cladonia chlorophaea var. grayi, Cladonia pyxidata ssp. grayi No
Cladonia humilis Cladonia conista, Cladonia conistea, Cladonia conoidea, Cladonia humilis var. bourgeanica, Lichen humilis No
Cladonia macilenta Cladonia balfourii, Cladonia bacillaris f. pityropoda, Cladonia bacillaris f. subscyphifera, Cladonia brebissonii var. ostreata, Cladonia coccifera f. macilenta, Cladonia coccifera f. subulata, Cladonia cylindrica var. squamigera, Cladonia cylindrica var. vermicularis, Cladonia macilenta f. squamigera, Cladonia macilenta subf. rubiformis, Cladonia macilenta ssp. macilenta, Cladonia macilenta var. flabellulata, Cladonia macilenta var. ostreata, Cladonia macilenta var. scabrosa, Cladonia macilenta var. squamigera, Scyphophorus filiformis No
Cladonia pyxidata Cladonia conchata, Cladonia neglecta, Lichen pyxidatus No
Cladonia turgida ----- No
Cladonia uncialis Cladonia pseudostellata, Cladonia uncialis ssp. uncialis, Cenomyce uncialis, Cladina uncialis, Cladonia stellata f. uncialis, Cladonia uncialis var. pseudoparecha, Lichen uncialis No
Leptogium cyanescens Leptogium tremelloides, Leptogium caesium No
Aspicilia calcarea Aspicilia lilliei, Lecanora calcarea, Lecanora lilliei, Lecidea calcaria, Lichen calcareus, Psora calcarea, Urceolaria calcarea, Verrucaria calcarea, Zeora calcarea ?
Lecanora campestris Lecanora allophana var. campestris, Lecanora campestris ssp. campestris, Lecanora subfusca var. campestris, Parmelia subfusca var. campestris No
Lecanora crenulata Lecanora exomila, Lichen crenulatus, Patellaria crenulata, Squamaria exomila Yes
Lecanora dispersa Lecanora dispersa f. dispersa, Lecanora galactina ssp. dispersa, Lecanora galactina ssp. dissipata, Lecanora galactina var. dispersa, Lecanora hagenii, Lecanora umbrina, Lichen dispersus No
Lecanora muralis Lecanora albomarginata, Lecanora diffracta, Lecanora muralis var. albomarginata, Lecanora muralis var. versicolor, Lecanora saxicola var. albomarginata, Lecanora saxicola var. diffracta, Lecanora saxicola var. versicolor, Lecanora versicolor, Lichen diffractus, Lichen muralis, Lichen versicolor, Lobaria muralis, Lobaria versicolor, Parmelia muralis, Parmelia saxicola var. areolata, Parmularia muralis, Patellaria muralis, Placodium diffractum, Placodium versicolor, Placolecanora albomarginata, Placolecanora muralis, Placolecanora muralis f. albomarginata, Placolecanora muralis f. diffracta, Placolecanora muralis var. albomarginata, Placolecanora muralis var. versicolor, Placolecanora versicolor, Protoparmeliopsis muralis, Protoparmeliopsis versicolor, Psora muralis, Squamaria albomarginata, Squamaria diffracta, Squamaria muralis, Squamaria muralis f. albomarginata, Squamaria riparia var. muralis, Squamaria saxicola var. albomarginata, Squamaria saxicola var. areolata, Squamaria versicolor, Squamarina albomarginata No
Lecanora opiniconensis ----- Yes
Lecanora polytropa Lecanora efflorescens, Lecanora polytropa f. alpigena, Lecanora polytropa f. efflorescens, Lecanora polytropa f. illosoria, Lecanora polytropa var. alpigena, Lecanora varia var. alpigena, Lecanora varia var. illusoria, Lecidora alpigena, Lecidora illusoria, Lecidora polytropa, Verrucaria polytropa No
Lecidella stigmatea Bacidia arthoniza, Lecidea lacus-crateris, Lecidea micacea, Lecidea stigmatea, Lecidea vulgata, Lecidea goniophila, Lecidea latypea, Lecidea prominula, Lecidea restricta, Lecidea subsequens No
Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca Lecanora chrysoleuca, Lecanora rubina No
Scoliciosporum chlorococcum Bacidia chlorococca No
Scoliciosporum umbrinum Bacidia umbrina No
Hypocenomyce scalaris Biatora ostreata, Lecanora ostreata, Lecidea ostreata, Lecidea ostreata var. myrmecina, Lecidea scalaris, Lecidea scalaris var. myrmecina, Lichen scalaris, Parmelia ostreata, Patellaria ostreata, Placodium ostreatum, Psora ostreata, Psora scalaris, Psora scalaris var. myrmecina, Schaereria ostreata No
Lecidea delincta ----- No
Lecidea parasama ----- ?
Fuscopannaria leucophaea Amphiloma microphyllum, Baeomyces microphyllus, Biatora microphylla, Collema microphyllum, Hueella cheilea, Lecanora microphylla, Lecidea microphylla, Lepidoma microphyllum, Lichen leucophaeus, Lichen microphyllus, Massalongia cheilea, Pannaria cheilea, Pannaria leucophaea, Pannaria microphylla, Pannaria microphylla var. cheilea, Pannularia microphylla, Parmelia microphylla, Parmeliella microphylla, Parmeliella microphylla var. cheilea, Patellaria microphylla, Placodium microphyllum, Psora microphylla, Trachyderma microphyllum, Zeora microphylla No
Lepraria membranacea Amphiloma lanuginosum, Crocynia lanuginosa, Leproloma membranacea, Leproloma membranaceum No
Lepraria neglecta Lepraria zonata No
Allocetraria oakesiana Cetraria oakesiana, Tuckermannopsis oakesiana No
Evernia mesomorpha Evernia thamnodes, Letharia mesomorpha No
Flavoparmelia baltimorensis Parmelia baltimorensis, Pseudoparmelia baltimorensis Yes
Flavoparmelia caperata Parmelia caperata, Parmelia negativa, Parmelia herreana, Parmelia flavicans, Parmelia cylisphora, Pseudoparmelia caperata, Flavoparmelia caperata f. sorediosa, Imbricaria caperata, Lichen caperatus, Parmelia caperata f. saxicola, Parmelia caperata f. sorediosa, Parmotrema caperata No
Melanelia subaurifera Parmelia subaurifera No
Parmelia cetranoiodes ----- ?
Parmelia parielina ----- ?
Parmelia sulcata ----- No
Pseudevernia consocians Evernia furfurcea, Parmelia furfuracea, Pseudevernia furfuracea No
Punctelia borreri Parmelia pseudoborreri, Parmelia borreri Yes
Punctelia rudecta Parmelia rudecta No
Xanthoparmelia conspersa Parmelia conspersa, Parmelia isidiata, Imbricaria conspersa, Lichen conspersus, Parmelia conspersa var. stenophylla, Parmelia kajensis, Parmelia stenophylla, Parmelia taractica No
Xanthoparmelia cumberlandia Parmelia cumberlandia, Parmelia subconspersa var. cumberlandia No
Xanthoparmelia somloensis Parmelia stenophylla, Xanthoparmelia somloŽnsis, Parmelia polyphylloides f. somloŽnsis, Parmelia somloŽnsis, Parmelia taractica, Parmelia viriduloumbrina var. somloŽnsis No
Xanthoparmelia succedans Parmelia adpressa, Parmelia plittii, Xanthoparmelia plittii No
Xanthoparmelia taractica Parmelia conspersa f. hypoclysta, Parmelia conspersa var. hypoclysta, Parmelia conspersa var. polyphylloides, Parmelia hypoclysta, Parmelia polyphylloides, Parmelia stenophylla f. hypoclysta, Parmelia taractica, Parmelia taractica f. hypoclista No
Amandinea punctata Amandinea pullata, Amandinea myriocarpa, Buellia punctata, Buellia myriocarpa, Buellia myriocarpa f. depauperata, Buellia myriocarpa f. stigmatea, Buellia parasema var. stigmatea, Buellia praecavenda, Buellia stigmatea, Karschia myriocarpa, Karschia thallophila, Lecidea pinicola, Lecidea praecavenda, Lecidea punctata, Lecidea punctata var. stigmatea, Lecidella thallophila, Patellaria myriocarpa No
Dimelaena oreina Dimelaena suboreina, Dimelaena novomexicana, Rinodina suboreina, Rinodina novomexicana, Rinodina hueana, Rinodina oreina No
Phaeophyscia adiastola Physcia adiastola No
Phaeophyscia orbicularis Physcia orbicularis No
Phaeophyscia sciastra Physcia lithotea, Physcia sciastra No
Physcia adscendens ----- No
Physcia aipolia Physcia cainii No
Physcia caesia Physcia wainioi No
Physcia dubia Physcia teretiuscula, Physcia intermedia No
Physcia grisea Physconia grisea ?
Physcia hypoleuca Anaptychia hypoleuca ?
Physcia millegrana ----- No
Physcia phaea Physcia melops No
Physcia stellaris ----- No
Physcia subtilis ----- No
Porpidia albocaerulescens Huilia albocaerulescens, Lecidea albocaerulescens No
Ramalina calicaris Lichen calicaris No
Ramalina intermedia ----- No
Ramalina pollinaria ----- Yes
Rhizocarpon grande ----- No
Rhizocarpon obscuratum Rhizocarpon albineum, Rhizocarpon interponens, Rhizocarpon permodestum, Rhizocarpon reductum No
Stereocaulon paschale Stereocaulon paschale var. sylvestris, Stereocaulon vesuvianum var. vesuvianum, Stereocaulon denudatum, Stereocaulon vesuvianum, Stereocaulon vesuvianum var. denudatum, Stereocaulon vesuvianum var. pulvinatum No
Stereocaulon saxatile Stereocaulon evolutoides, Stereocaulon evolutoides var. saxatile No
Lobaria pulmonaria Sticta pulmonaria No
Lobaria quercizans Sticta amplissima No
Nephroma parile ----- No
Peltigera canina ----- No
Peltigera didactyla Peltigera spuria, Peligera erumpens, Peltigera canina var. spuria No
Peltigera polydactylon Peltigera polydactyla No
Peltigera ponojensis ----- No
Peltigera rufescens Peltigera canina var. rufescens, Peltigera canina f. ulorrhiza, Peltigera rufescens var. palmata No
Caloplaca feracissima ----- No
Caloplaca flavovirescens Caloplace erythrella, Callopisma aurantiacum var. flavovirescens, Callopisma flavovirescens, Caloplaca aurantiaca, Caloplaca aurantiaca var. flavovirescens, Caloplaca aurantiaca var. inalpina, Caloplaca flavorubescens ssp. flavovirescens, Caloplaca flavovirescens var. inalpina, Lecanora aurantiaca f. flavovirescens, Lecanora inalpina, Lichen flavovirescens, Placodium aurantiacum, Placodium aurantiacum var. flavovirescens, Placodium aurantiacum var. inalpinum No
Xanthoria elegans Zanthoria elegans, Caloplaca elegans, Caloplaca dissidens, Lecanora elegans, Lichen elegans, Placodium dissidens, Placodium elegans No
Xanthoria fallax Biatora fallax No
Pertusaria pustulata Pertusaria canadensis, Pertusaria subrugosa, Pertusaria subpustulata, Pertusaria melaleuca No
Pertusaria xanthodes ----- ?
Kingdom: Plantae
óDivision: Hepatophyta
Lophocolea heterophylla Lophocolea macounii, Lophocolea austini No
Jamesoniella autumnalis Jamesoniella allenii, Jungermannia autumnalis No
Conocephalum conicum Conocephalum hepaticae No
Conocephalum hepaticae ----- ?
Kingdom: Plantae
óDivision: Bryophyta
Bartramia pomiformis Bartramia circinnulata, Bartramia glauco-viridis, Bartramia crispa, Bartramia circinnulata, Bartramia pomiformis var. crispa, Bartramia pomiformis var. elongata No
Bryum argenteum Bryum lanatum, Bryum argenteum var. lanatum, Bryum argenteum var. majus No
Bryum caespiticium Bryum submuticum No
Plagiomnium cuspidatum Mnium cuspidatum, Mnium sylvaticum, Mnium cuspidatum var. tenellum No
Rhizomnium punctatum Mnium punctatum, Mnium glabrescens ssp. chlorophyllosum, Rhizomnium punctatum ssp. chlorophyllosum No
Dicranum flagellare Orthodicranum flagellare, Dicranum flagellare var. minutissimum No
Dicranum fulvum Paraleucobryum fulvum No
Dicranum majus ----- Yes
Dicranum ontariense Dicranum drummondii No
Dicranum scoparium Dicranum latifolium No
Ceratodon purpureus Ceratodon purpurascens, Ceratodon purpureus var. purpurascens, Ceratodon purpureus var. xanthopus, Dicranum purpureum No
Leucobryum glaucum ----- No
Fissidens dubius Fissidens cristatus, Fissidens adianthoides var. semicristatus, Fissidens cristatus var. winonensis, Fissidens adianthoides ssp. cristatus, Fissidens adianthoides ssp. decipiens No
Funaria hygrometrica Funaria hygrometrica var. convoluta, Funaria hygrometrica var. patula, Funaria hygrometrica var. utahensis No
Schistidium apocarpum Schistidium apocarpum var. ambiguum, Grimmia apocarpa, Grimmia atricha, Grimmia coloradensis, Grimmia dupretii, Grimmia gracilis, Grimmia stricta, Schistidium ambiguum, Schistidium atrofuscum, Schistidium brunnescens, Schistidium gracile, Schistidium strictum, Grimmia alpicola var. dupretii, Grimmia apocarpa var. ambigua, Grimmia apocarpa var. atrofusca, Grimmia apocarpa var. brunnescens, Grimmia apocarpa var. conferta, Grimmia apocarpa var. dupretii, Grimmia apocarpa var. gracilis, Grimmia apocarpa var. nigrescens, Grimmia apocarpa var. obscuroviridis, Grimmia apocarpa var. stricta, Grimmia apocarpa var. tenerrima, Schistidium alpicola var. dupretii, Schistidium apocarpum var. atrofuscum, Schistidium apocarpum var. brunnescens, Schistidium apocarpum var. confertum, Schistidium apocarpum var. dupretii, Schistidium apocarpum var. gracile, Schistidium apocarpum var. nigrescens, Schistidium apocarpum var. strictum No
Sanionia uncinata var. uncinata Camptothecium paulianum, Drepanocladus uncinatus, Tomentypnum paulianum, Drepanocladus uncinatus var. plumosus, Drepanocladus uncinatus var. plumulosus, Drepanocladus uncinatus var. subjulaceus ?
Callicladium haldanianum Heterophyllium haldanianum, Hypnum haldanianum, Robinsonia halaniana No
Herzogiella turfacea Plagiothecium turfaceum, Sharpiella turfacea, Isopterygium turfaceum, Sharpiella striatella, Dolichotheca turfacea, Hypnum pseudo-silesiacum, Hypnum turfaceum, Plagiothecium sulcatum No
Hypnum cupressiforme Hypnum pseudo-fastigiatum, Stereodon cupressiformis No
Hypnum lindbergii Breidleria arcuata, Hypnum arcuatum, Hypnum patientiae, Hypnum arcuatum var. americanum, Hypnum arcuatum var. demissum, Hypnum arcuatum var. elatum, Hypnum lindbergii var. americanum, Hypnum lindbergii var. demissum, Hypnum lindbergii var. elatum, Hypnum patientiae var. americanum, Hypnum patientiae var. demissum, Hypnum patientiae var. elatum, Calliegonella lindbergii, Hypnum acuatum var. americanum, Hypnum arcuatiforme, Hypnum arcuatum, Hypnum renauldii, Stereodon patientiae No
Hypnum vaucheri Hypnum complexum, Hypnum subcomplexum, Stereodon vaucheri No
Lindbergia brachyptera Lindbergia brachyptera var. austinii No
Abietinella abietina Hypnum abietinum, Thuidium abietinum No
Fontinalis antipyretica var. antipyretica Fontinalis patula, Fontinalis antipyretica var. mollis, Fontinalis antipyretica var. patula No
Anomodon attenuatus Ditremis biformis No
Climacium dendroides ----- No
Hedwigia ciliata ----- No
Ulota hutchinsiae Orthotrichum americanum, Orthotrichum hutchinsiae No
Atrichum undulatum Polytrichum undulatum Yes
Polytrichum commune var. commune Polytrichum commune var. maximoviczii, Polytrichum commune var. nigrescens, Polytrichum commune var. uliginosum No
Polytrichum juniperinum Polytrichum alpestre, Polytrichum juniperinum var. alpestre, Polytrichum juniperinum var. waghornei No
Polytrichum piliferum ----- No
Desmatodon nervosus Desmatodon convolutus, Tortula convoluta ?
Pseudocrossidium replicatum Barbula replicata, Barbula spiralis, Tortula spiralis ?
Tortula muralis ----- Yes
Tetraphis pellucida Georgia pellucida, Tetraphis cuspidata No
Sphagnum cuspidatum Sphagnum cuspidatum var. plumosum, Sphagnum faxonii, Sphagnum virginianum No
Sphagnum magellanicum ----- No
Sphagnum palustre Sphagnum cymbifolium No
Sphagnum warnstorfii Sphagnum warnstorfianum No
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