1000 Islands Ecology

Species Checklist
for the

of the
Thousand Islands
Oliver K. Reichl, B.E.S.(Hons)

This checklist contains the English names of grass species whose range includes the Thousand Islands ecosystem. Tracked species should be reported to Ontario's Natural Heritage Resources Centre (NHIC). Simply click the link ("Yes") to go directly to the NHIC's online reporting form.

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Kingdom: Plants
—Subkingdom: Vascular Plants
——Division: Angiosperms (Flowering Plants)
———Class: Monocotyledons (Monocots)
————Subclass: Commelinidae
—————Order: Cyperales (Grasses and Sedges)
Common Name Synonyms Tracked
Grasses (Graminoids)
American Manna-grass Tall Manna-grass, Reed-meadow Manna-grass No
Annual Bluegrass Dwarf Meadow Grass, Speargrass No
Awnless Brome Hungarian Brome, Smooth Brome No
Bearded Short-husk Long-awned Woodgrass, Bearded Shorthusk No
Big Bluestem Turkeyfoot, Bluejoint, Hall's Beard Grass No
Black Bentgrass Redtop, Giant Bentgrass, Bonnet Grass, Fiorin No
Black-fruit Mountain-rice Drooping Mountain Rice, Black-fruited Mountain-rice, Black-fruited Rice Grass No
Bottle-brush Grass Spreading Bottle-brush Grass No
Broad-leaf Witch-grass Broad-leaved Panic Grass No
Canada Blue-joint Blue-joint Grass No
Canada Bluegrass Compressed Wire Grass No
Canada Manna-grass Rattlesnake Manna-grass, Rattlesnake Grass No
Colonial Bentgrass Browntop, Rhode Island Bentgrass, Common Bentgrass, New Zealand Bentgrass, Prince Edward Island Bentgrass No
Common Barley Spring Barley No
Common Barnyard Grass Cockspur Barnyard Grass, Crusgalli Barnyard Grass No
Common Reed Southern Reed Grass No
Creeping Wild-rye Couchgrass, Quackgrass, Creeping Wild Rye No
Crinkled Hairgrass Wavy Hairgrass, Common Hairgrass No
Cultivated Oats ----- No
Cultivated Rye Cereal Rye No
Cultivated Wheat Winter Wheat, Summer Wheat, Common Wheat No
Cypress Witch-grass Foxhead Panic Grass, Forked Panic Grass Yes
Drooping Bluegrass Two-rayed Poa, Bushy Pasture Spear Grass, Forest Bluegrass, Weak Meadow Grass No
Fowl Bluegrass Swamp Bluegrass, Fowl Meadow Grass No
Fowl Manna-grass Fowl Meadow Grass No
Fowl Manna-grass ----- No
Foxtail Barley Squirrel-tail Grass No
Fresh-water Cordgrass Tall Cordgrass, Slough Grass, Tall Cord Grass, Fresh-water Cord Grass No
Fringed Brome Wood Chess No
Green Foxtail Green Bristle Grass, Bottle-grass, Wild Millet, Green Pigeongrass No
Green Muhly Wild Satin Grass, Wild Timothy Yes
Green Panic Grass Starved Panic Grass, Depauperate Panic Grass No
Hair Fescue ----- No
Hairy Crabgrass Large Crabgrass, Finger Grass No
Hairy Wood Brome Downy Brome, Canada Brome, Hairy Brome, Hairy Woodland Brome No
Hard Fescue ----- No
Inland Bluegrass ----- Yes
Kentucky Bluegrass ----- No
Little Bluestem Little Bluegrass, Prairie Beardgrass, Prairie Beard Grass No
Little Love-grass Low Love-grass No
Marsh Muhly Bog Muhly, Glomerate Satin Grass, Wild Timothy No
Meadow Timothy Common Timothy No
Mexican Muhly Dropseed, Leafy Muhly, Mexican Satin Grass, Leafy Satin Grass No
Narrow-leaved False Oats Spike Trisetum No
Nodding Brome Downy Brome, Downy Chess, Cheat Grass No
Nodding Fescue Obtuse Fescue No
Old Witch Panic Grass Old Panic Grass No
Orchard Grass Cocksfoot No
Perennial Bentgrass Autumn Bentgrass, Upland Bentgrass No
Philadelphia Panic Grass Wood Witch Grass, Wood Panic Grass, Philadelphia Witch Grass No
Poverty Oat-grass Pverty Oat Grass, Common Wild Oat Grass, Common Wild Oat-grass, Poverty Oatgrass No
Pumpell's Brome Smooth Brome, Awnless Brome Yes
Purple Oat Grass Purple Melic Grass, False Melic Grass No
Red Fescue ----- No
Reed Canary Grass Reed Grass No
Rice Cut-grass ----- No
Rough Barnyard Grass Prickly Barnyard Grass, Pungent Millet No
Rough Bentgrass Rough Hair Grass, Rough Hairgrass, Twin Bentgrass, Tickle Grass, Fly-away Grass No
Schreber's Muhly Nimble Will, Wire-grass, Screber's Satin Grass No
Sheathed Dropseed Ensheathed Dropseed, Sheathed Rush Grass No
Short-awn Foxtail Water Foxtail, Short-awned Foxtail, Shortawn Foxtail No
Short-leaved Fescue Alpine Fescue, Short-leaf Fescue No
Slender Eight-flowered Fescue Six-weeks Fescue Grass, Six-weeks Fescue, Eight-flowered Fescue Yes
Slender Wedge-grass Intermediate Eaton's Grass No
Slender Wheat-grass ----- No
Slender Wood Reedgrass Drooping Woodreed, Nodding Wood Grass, Broad-leaved Reed Grass No
Slim-leaf Witch-grass Narrow-leaved Panic Grass, Low White-haired Panic Grass No
Small Floating Manna-grass Boreal Manna-grass, Northern Manna-grass No
Smooth Crabgrass Small Crabgrass No
Southern Wild Rice Southern Wild-rice, Water Oats Yes
Spreading Bentgrass Creeping Bentgrass, Redtop No
Tall Purple-top Fluffgrass ----- No
Tuckerman's Panic Grass Tuckerman's Witch-grass No
Virginia Cut-grass White Grass, White Cut-grass No
Virginia Wild-rye Terrell Grass No
White Foxtail Yellow Foxtail, Cattail Grass No
White-grained Mountain-rice Rough Mountain Rice, White-grained Rice Grass No
Winter Bentgrass Ticklegrass Yes
Woodland Muhly Woodland Satin Grass, Woodland Dropseed Yes
Woods Bluegrass Wood Meadow Grass, Wood Bluegrass, Woodland Spear Grass No
Woolly Panic Grass Hairy Panic Grass No
Yellow Indian-grass Beardgrass, Wood Grass, Bare Indian Grass No
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