1000 Islands Ecology

Species Checklist
for the

of the
Thousand Islands
Oliver K. Reichl, B.E.S.(Hons)

This checklist contains the English names of wildflower species whose range includes the Thousand Islands ecosystem. Tracked species should be reported to Ontario's Natural Heritage Resources Centre (NHIC). Simply click the link ("Yes") to go directly to the NHIC's online reporting form.

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Kingdom: Plantae
—Subkingdom: Vascular Plants
——Division: Angiosperms (Flowering Plants)
Common Name Synonyms Tracked
Wildflowers (Forbs)
Monocotyledons (Monocots)
Broadleaf Arrowhead Broad-leaved Arrowhead, Common Arrowhead No
Grass-leaved Water-plantain Geyer's Water-plantain, Narrow-leaved Water-plantain Yes
Grassleaf Arrowhead Grass-leaved Arrowhead, Crested Sagittaria No
Southern Water-plantain American Water-plantain, Common Water-plantain, Western Water-plantain No
Wapatum Arrowhead Cuneate-leaved Arrowhead, Floating Arrowhead, Wedgeleaf Arrowhead, Northern Arrowhead No
Flowering Rush Flowering-rush No
Broad Waterweed Water-weed, Common Waterweed, Canada Waterweed, Common Elodea No
Eel-grass Wild Celery, Eel Grass, Water-celery, Tape-grass No
European Frogbit European Frog's-bit, European Frog-bit No
Slender Naiad Northern Naiad, Bushy Naiad, Slender Najas No
Clasping-leaf Pondweed Perfoliate Pondweed, Clasping-leaved Pondweed No
Curly Pondweed Curled-leaf Pondweed, Curly-leaved Pondweed, Curly Muckweed No
Flatstem Pondweed Flat-stemmed Pondweed, Eel-grass Pondweed No
Fries' Pondweed Flat-stalked Pondweed, Flatstalk Pondweed, Flat-stalk Pondweed No
Grassy Pondweed Variable Pondweed, Variable-leaved Pondweed, Grass-like Pondweed No
Illinois Pondweed ----- No
Large-leaf Pondweed Bigleaf Pondweed, Large-leaved Pondweed, Broadleaf Pondweed No
Richardson's Pondweed Clasping-leaved Pondweed No
Sago Pondweed Fennel-leaved Pondweed No
Slender Pondweed Small Pondweed No
Thread-leaf Pondweed Fine-leaved Pondweed, Filiform Pondweed No
White-stem Pondweed White-stemmed Pondweed, Long-peduncled Pondweed No
Horned Pondweeds
Horned Pondweed Mudwort No
Sweet Flags
European Sweetflag Flag-root No
Green Arrow-arum ----- Yes
Small Jack-in-the-pulpit Indian Turnip No
Wild Calla Water Arum No
Common Water-flaxseed Greater Duckweed, Water Flaxweed No
Lesser Duckweed Common Duckweed, Small Duckweed No
Star Duckweed Ivy-leaved Duckweed No
Alpine Rush Richardson's Rush, Scatter Rush No
Baltic Rush ----- No
Canada Rush ----- No
Common Wood-rush Field Wood-rush No
Common Wood-rush ----- No
Dudley's Rush ----- No
Hairy Wood-rush Forest Wood-rush, Acuminate Wood-rush No
Jointed Rush ----- No
Knotted Rush ----- No
Path Rush Yard Rush, Slender Rush No
Secund Rush One-sided Rush Yes
Sharp-fruit Rush Sharp-fruited Rush, Tufted Rush Yes
Soft Rush Common Rush, Bog Rush No
Toad Rush ----- No
Torrey's Rush ----- No
Large Bur-reed Broad-fruited Bur-reed, Large-fruited Bur-reed, Giant Bur-reed, Great Bur-reed No
Broad-leaf Cattail Broadleaf Cattail, Common Cattail, Large-leaved Cattail, Broad-leaved Cattail No
Narrow-leaved Cattail Narrowleaf Cattail No
German Iris Fleur-de-lis No
Larger Blue Flag Poison-flag, Multi-coloured Blue Flag No
Pointed Blue-eyed Grass Stout Blue-eyed Grass, Narrow-leaf Blue-eyed Grass No
Strict Blue-eyed Grass Little Blue-eyed Grass, Montane Blue-eyed Grass, Mountain Blue-eyed Grass No
Yellow Iris Yellow Water Iris No
Blue Bead-lily Yellow Clintonia, Bluebead-lily No
Common False Solomon's-seal Feather Solomons seal, Feathery False Solomon's-seal, Feathery False Lily-of-the-Valley No
Cultivated Chives ----- No
Downy Solomon's-seal Hairy Solomon's-seal No
Eurasian Soloman's-seal Multi-flowered Solomon's-seal No
Garden Asparagus-fern Asparagus, Garden Arparagus No
Giant Solomon's-seal King Solomon's-seal, Great Solomon's-seal, Hairy Solomon's-seal No
Honey-flowered Solomon's-seal Smooth Solomon's-seal Yes
Indian Cucumber-root Indian Cucumber No
Large-flowered Bellwort Yellow Bellwort No
Meadow Onion Canada Wild Onion, Meadow Garlic No
Orange Day-lily Tawny Day-lily No
Red Trillium Purple Trillium, Ill-scented Wake-robin No
Rose Twisted-stalk Sessile-leaved Twisted-stalk No
Sessile-leaved Bellwort Small-flowered Bellwort, Wild Bellwort No
Small White Leek Small Wild Leek, Ramps No
Starry False Solomon's-seal Star-flowered False Solomon's-seal No
Three-leaf False Solomon's-seal Three-leaved False Solomon's-seal, Three-leaved Solomon's-seal No
Tiger Lily Lance-leaved Lily No
White Trillium Large-flowered Trillium No
Wild Lily-of-the-valley Canada Mayflower, False Lily-of-the-valley No
Wood Lily Red Lily No
Yellow Day-lily ----- No
Yellow Trout-lily Yellow Adder's-tongue, Yellow Dog's-tooth Violet No
Grassleaf Mud-plantain Water Star-grass No
Heart-leaved Pickerel-weed Lance-leaved Pickerel-weed No
Checkered Rattlesnake-plantain Tesselated Rattlesnake-plantain, Loddiges' Rattlesnake-plantain No
Downy Rattlesnake-plantain Networt No
Eastern Helleborine Common Helleborine, Bastard Hellebore, Broad-leaf Helleborine No
Flat-petalled Yellow Lady's-slipper ----- Yes
Hooded Ladies'-tresses ----- No
Large Round-leaved Orchid Large Roundleaf Orchid No
Nodding Ladies'-tresses Drooping Ladies'-tresses No
Northern Ladies'-tresses Slender Ladies'-tresses No
Pink Lady's-slipper Moccasin Flower, Stemless Lady's Slipper No
Rose Pogonia Snake-mouth No
Small Purple-fringed Orchid Smaller Purple-fringed Orchis, Small Butterfly Orchid No
Southern Slender Ladies'-tresses ----- Yes
Spotted Coral-root Large Coral-root No
Tubercled Orchid Small Pale-green Orchis No
Tuberous Grass-pink Grass Pink, Calopogon No
Dicotyledons (Dicots)
Annual Ragweed Common Ragweed, Hogweed, Annual Bur-Sage No
Arrow-leaved Aster White Arrow Aster No
Autumn Hawkbit Fall Dandylion, Fall Hawkbit No
Black-eyed Susan Yellow Daisy No
Blue-stem Goldenrod Wreath Goldenrod No
Broad-leaved Goldenrod Zig-Zag Goldenrod No
Brown-eyed Susan Three-lobed Coneflower, Thin-leaved Coneflower, Brown-eyed Coneflower No
Brown-seed Dandelion Common Dandelion, Blowball No
Bull Thistle Spear Thistle No
Canada Fleabane Horseweed No
Canada Goldenrod Rock Goldenrod No
Canada Hawkweed Common Hawkweed No
Canada Lettuce Yellow Lettuce, Wild Lettuce, Tall Lettuce No
Chicory Wild Succory No
Colt's Foot Coltsfoot, Coughwort No
Common Boneset Perfoliate Thorough-wort No
Common Burdock ----- No
Common Groundsel Old-man-in-the-spring, Rayless Ragwort, Common Ragwort No
Common Sow-thistle Annual Sow-thistle No
Common Sunflower ----- No
Common Tansy Golden Buttons No
Common Wormwood Abysinth, Absinthe, Absinthe Wormwood, European Wormwood No
Common Wormwood Common Mugwort No
Common Yarrow ----- No
Creeping Thistle Canada Thistle No
Daisy Fleabane Hyssop-leaved Fleabane, Hyssop-leaved Erigeron No
Devil's Beggar-ticks Large-leaved Beggar-ticks, Stick-tight, Devil's Beggarticks, Devil's Pitchfork, Largeleaf Beggarticks No
Downy Goldenrod Short-pubescent Goldenrod Yes
Early Goldenrod Grey Goldenrod, Sharp-toothed Goldenrod No
Eastern Burnweed Pilewort, Fire-weed, American Burnweed, Fireweed No
Elecampane Horseheal No
Fetid Camomile Stinking Mayweed, Stinking Chamomile, Foetid Chamomile, Dog Fennel No
Field Pussytoes Field Cat's-foot, Neglected Antennaria No
Field Sow-thistle ----- No
Field Thistle ----- No
Flat-top Fragrant Goldenrod Grass-leaved Goldenrod, Narrow-leaved Goldenrod, Lance-leaved Goldenrod, Common Goldentop No
Flat-top White Aster Flat-topped White Aster No
Fragrant Cudweed Sweet Everlasting Cudweed, Catfoot Cudweed No
Fringed Quickweed Hairy Galinsoga No
Garden Lettuce ----- No
Glaucous Hawkweed Kingdevil Hawkeed, King Devil Hawkweed No
Glaucous King Devil Yellow Hawkweed, Yellow King Devil No
Golden Camomile Yellow Chamomile, Ox-eye Chamomile, Golden Chamomile No
Gray-stemmed Goldenrod ----- No
Hairy Goldenrod Upland Goldenrod No
Heartleaf Aster Heart-leaved Aster No
Large-leaf Wood-aster Large-leaved Aster, Bigleaf Aster No
Low Cudweed Marsh Cudweed No
Meadow Goat's-beard Doubtful Goat's-beard No
Meadow Goat's-beard Yellow Goat's-beard, Showy Goat's-beard, Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon No
Mouse-ear Hawkweed Mouse-eared Hawkweed No
New Belgium Aster New York Aster No
New England Aster ----- No
Nodding Beggar-ticks Bur-marigold, Stick-tight, Nodding Beggarticks, Nodding Burr Marigold No
Ontario Aster ----- No
Orange Hawkweed Orange King Devil, Devil's Paintbrush No
Ox-eye Daisy Whiteweed, Oxeye Daisy No
Pale-leaf Sunflower Rough-leaved Sunflower, Pale-leaved Sunflower. pale-leaved Wood Sunflower No
Panicled Aster Tall White Aster, Simple Aster, Lance-leaved Aster No
Panicled Hawkweed ----- Yes
Pearly Everlasting Large-flowered Everlasting No
Philadelphia Fleabane Common Fleabane, Skevish No
Philadelphia Fleabane ----- No
Pineapple-weed Chamomile Pineapple Weed, Wild Marigold No
Plantain-leaved Pussytoes Hairy Parlin's Pussytoes, Largeleaf Pussytoes, Deceitful Pussytoes No
Prickly Lettuce Wild Lettuce No
Red-seeded Dandelion Lesser Dandelion No
Rough Cockle-bur Rough Cocklebur, Tumor-curing Cocklebur No
Rough Daisy Fleabane Lesser Fleabane, Rough Fleabane, Daisy Fleabane No
Rough Hawkweed ----- No
Rough-leaf Goldenrod Rough-stemmed Goldenrod No
Sharp-leaved Goldenrod ----- Yes
Small White Aster ----- No
Smooth Aster Smooth Blue American-Aster No
Smooth Goldenrod Tall Goldenrod, Late Goldenrod, Giant Goldenrod No
Spiny-leaf Sow-thistle Spiny Sow-thistle, Spiny Annual Sow-thistle, Spiny-leaved Sow-thistle No
Spotted Joe-pye-weed Joe-pye Thoroughwort No
Spotted Star-thistle Spotted Knapweed No
Squarrose Goldenrod Stout Goldenrod, Stour Ragged Goldenrod, Rugged Goldenrod No
Sticky Groundsel Fetid Groundsel, Sticky Ragwort No
Swamp Aster Purple-stemmed Aster No
Swamp Beggar-ticks Small Beggar-ticks, Discoid Beggar-ticks, Swamp Beggarticks, Small Beggarticks, Discoid Beggarticks, Few-bracted Beggarticks No
Tall Blue Lettuce Biennial Lettuce No
Tall Goldenrod Late Goldenrod Yes
Tall White Rattlesnake-root Tall White Lettuce No
Tufted White Prairie Aster Frost-weed Aster, White Heath Aster Yes
White Goldenrod Silver-rod No
White Rattlesnake-root White Lettuce No
White Snakeroot ----- No
White-top Fleabane Daisy Fleabane, Annual Fleabane No
Whorled Wood Aster Mountain Aster No
Winged Cudweed Northern Cudweed, Viscid Cudweed No
Woodland Sunflower Rough Sunflower, Rough Woodland Sunflower No
Yellow Hawkweed Field Hawkweed No
American Harebell Harebell, Blue Bells of Scotland No
Cardinal Flower Cardinal-flower, Red Betty No
Clasp-leaf Venus' Looking-glass Venus' Mirror No
Creeping Bellflower Rover Bellflower, European Bellflower No
Great Blue Lobelia Blue Cardinalflower, Blue Cardinal Flower No
Indian-tobacco Indian Tobacco, Wild Tobacco No
Marsh Bellflower Bedstraw Bellflower No
Pale-spiked Lobelia ----- No
Peach-leaf Bellflower Peach-leaved Bellfower No
Perfoliate Tinker's-weed Feverwort, Perfoliate Horse-gentian Yes
Common Valerian Garden Valerian No
Clasping-leaved Dogbane ----- No
Common Periwinkle Running Myrtle, Lesser Periwinkle No
Spreading Dogbane Creeping Dogbane No
Velvet Dogbane Indian Hemp, Hemp Dogbane, Prairie Dogbane, Clasping-leaf Dogbane, Amyroot No
Black Swallow-wort Black Dog-strangling Vine No
Common Milkweed Tall Green Milkweed, Prairie Milkweed Yes
Green Milkweed Green Comet Milkweed, Short Green Milkweed Yes
Kansas Milkweed Common Milkweed, Silkweed, Silky Swallow-wort No
Poke Milkweed Tall Milkweed, Four-leaved Milkweed No
Swamp Milkweed ----- No
Fringe-top Bottle Gentian Fringe-tip Closed Gentian, Closed Gentian, Bottle Gentian No
Stiff Gentian Ague Weed Yes
Bristly Stickseed Two-row Stickseed, European Sticktight, Bluebur No
Common Hound's-tongue ----- No
Common Viper's-bugloss Blueweed, Blue Devil, Viper's Bugloss No
European Gromwell Stoneseed, Common Gromwell, Pearl Gromwell No
Northern Stickseed Spurred Stickweed, Spurred Gentian No
Rough Forget-me-not Field Scorpion-grass No
Small-flowered Forget-me-not Blue Scorpion-grass, Upright Forget-me-not No
Small Forget-me-not Smaller Forget-me-not, Tufted Forget-me-not No
Spring Forget-me-not ----- No
Tall Bluebells Northern Bluebells, Tall Lungwort No
True Forget-me-not Water Scorpion-grass, Mouse-ear Scorpion-grass No
American Bugleweed American Water-horehound, Cut-leaved Water-horehound, Cut-leaved Bugleweed No
American Dragon-head Small-flowered Dragon-head, American Dragonhead No
Brittle-stem Hemp-nettle Common Hemp-nettle, Ironwort No
Catnip Catmint No
Common Heal-all Self-heal No
Common Mother-wort Motherwort No
Corn Mint Wild Mint, Field Mint, American Wild Mint No
Creeping Charlie Ground-ivy, Ground Ivy No
Downy Woodmint ----- Yes
European Bugleweed European Water-horehound No
Field Basil Wild Basil No
Hispid Hedge-nettle ----- No
Hooded Skullcap Marsh Skullcap, Common Skullcap No
Mad Dog Skullcap Side-flowering Skullcap, Mad-dog Skullcap, Blue Skullcap No
Marsh Hedge-nettle Wound-wort No
Mother-of-thyme Creeping Thyme, Hillwort, Lemon Thyme, Penny Mountain, Wild Thyme No
Northern Bugleweed Northern Water-horehound, Tuberous Water-horehound No
Rough Penny-royal ----- No
Small Skullcap Dwarf Skullcap No
Veined Skullcap ----- Yes
Virginia Mountain-mint ----- No
Wild Bee-balm Wild Bergamot, Wild Horsemint No
Wood Germander Wood Sage No
Blue Vervain False Vervain No
Slender-spiked Lopseed ----- No
Black-seed Plantain Rugel's Plantain, Pale Plantain, Red-stemmed Plantain No
English Plantain Narrow-leaved Plantain, Ribgrass, Lance-leaf Plantain No
Nipple-seed Plantain Common Plantain, Broad-leaved Plantain No
Blunt-leaf Bedstraw Wild Madder, Blunt-flowered Bedstraw, Blunt-leaved Bedstraw, Obtuse Bedstraw No
Catchweed Bedstraw Cleavers, Goose-grass No
Hairy Bedstraw ----- Yes
Marsh Bedstraw ----- No
Northern Bedstraw ----- No
Rough Bedstraw ----- No
Small Bedstraw ----- No
Stiff Marsh Bedstraw Wild Madder No
Sweet-scent Bedstraw Fragrant Bedstraw, Sweet-scented Bedstraw No
Torrey's Wild Licorice Yellow Wild Licorice, Spear Wild Licorice No
White Wild Licorice Cross-cleavers No
Yellow Spring Bedstraw Yellow Bedstraw, Lady's Bedstraw No
Greater Bladderwort Common Bladderwort No
Horned Bladderwort ----- No
One-flowered Broom-rape Naked Broom-rape, One-flowered Cancerroot No
Squaw-root Squawroot, Cancer-root No
Virginia Beechdrops Beech-drops No
American Cow-wheat Cow Wheat, Narrow-leaved Cow-wheat No
Common Dwarf Snapdragon Dwarf Snapdragon, Lesser Toadflax No
Common Speedwell Gypsy-weed, Gipsy-weed No
Corn Speedwell Field Speedwell, Wall Speedwell No
Early Wood Lousewort Canada Wood-betony, Head Betony No
European Speedwell Brooklime, Bachbungen's Speedwell No
Foxglove Beard-tongue White Beard-tongue, Digitalis Penstemon No
Germander Speedwell ----- No
Great Mullein Common Mullein, Velvet Mullein No
Hairy Beard-tongue ----- No
Hare Figwort Lance-leaved Figwort No
Large Purple Agalinis Purple Gerardia, Large-flowered Purple False Foxglove Yes
Long-leaf Speedwell Long-leaved Speedwell No
Marsh Speedwell Skullcap Speedwell No
Purple Foxglove Common Foxglove No
Purslane Speedwell Neckweed No
Slender Agalinis Slender Gerardia, Slender-leaved Gerardia, Narrow-leaved Gerardia, Slenderleaf Agalinis, Slenderleaf Purple False Foxglove, Slender False-Foxglove No
Small-flowered Agalinis Purple Gerardia, Small-flowered Gerardia, Small-flowered Purple False Foxglove No
Square-stem Monkey-flower Square-stemmed Monkey Flower No
Thyme-leaved Speedwell ----- No
Water Speedwell Brook-pimpernell, Water Pimpernel No
White Turtlehead Smooth Turtlehead, Smooth Balmony No
Yellow Foxglove ----- No
Yellow Toadflax Butter-and-eggs, Bastard Toadflax, Star Toad-flax No
Common Morning-glory Common Morning Glory No
Field Bindweed Small Bindweed No
Hedge Bindweed ----- No
Gronovius' Dodder Swamp Dodder, Common Dodder No
Virginia Waterleaf John's Cabbage No
Moss Phlox ----- Yes
Wild Blue Phlox Blue Phlox No
Black Nightshade ----- No
Clammy Ground-cherry ----- No
Eastern Black Nightshade ----- No
Garden Tomato Love Apple No
Long-leaf Ground-cherry ----- No
Purple Thorn-apple Jimson Weed, Jimsonweed, Common Thorn-apple, Moonflower No
White Potato Common Potato No
Annual Honesty Satin-flower, Moonwort No
Bulbous Bitter-cress Spring Cress, Bulbous Cress No
Common Shepherd's Purse Medic No
Common Winter-cress Common Wintercress, Yellow Rocket No
Creamflower Rock-cress Creamflower Rockcress No
Cut-leaf Toothwort Cut-leaved Toothwort No
Dame's Rocket Dame's Violet No
Dense-flower Peppergrass Common Peppergrass, Wild Tongue No
Field Penny-cress Stinkweed No
Field Peppergrass Field Cress, Cow-grass No
Garlic Mustard Hedge Garlic, Garlic-mustard No
Hairy-pod Hedge-mustard Hedge Water-cress No
Herb Sophia Flaxweed, Flixweed, Herb-sophia No
Hoary False-alyssum Hoary Alyssum, Hoary False Madwort No
Large Toothwort ----- No
Limestone Rock-cress Limestone Rockcress No
Lyre-leaf Rock-cress Lyre-leaf Rockcress, Lyreleaf Rockcress No
Marsh Yellowcress ----- No
Meadow Bitter-cress Cuckoo-flower, Cuckoo Flower No
Pennsylvania Bitter-cress Pensylvania Bitter-cress No
Pinnate Tansy-mustard Green Tansy-mustard No
Poor-man's Peppergrass Virginia Peppergrass, Wild Peppergrass No
Small-flower Bitter-cress Small-flowered Bittercress No
Smooth Rock-cress Smooth Arabis, Smooth Rockcress No
Tall Hedge-mustard Tall Tumble-mustard No
Tower-mustard Tower-cress No
True Water-cress ----- No
Two-leaf Toothwort Two-leaved Toothwort No
Worm-seed Mustard Wormseed Mustard, Treacle Mustard No
Creeping Loosestrife Moneywort, Creeping Jennie No
Fringed Loosestrife Ciliate Loosestrife No
Northern Starflower Star-flower, Chickweed Wintergreen No
Spotted Loosestrife Garden Loosestrife No
Swamp Loosestrife Yellow Loosestrife, Swamp Candles, Bulb-bearing Loosestrife No
Water Loosestrife Tufted Loosestrife, Yellow Loosestrife No
Yellow Loosestrife Elongate Loosestrife No
Pale Laurel Bog Laurel, Swamp Laurel No
Indian Pipes
One-flowered Indian Pipe Indian-pipe No
American Wintergreen American Pyrola, Round-leaved Pyrola, Roundleaf Pyrola, Roundleaf Wintergreen No
One-side Wintergreen One-flowered Pyrola, One-sided Pyrola, One-sided Wintergreen, One-sided Shinleaf No
Pink Wintergreen Asarum-leaved Wintergreen, Liver-leaf Wintergreen, Pink Pyrola No
Shinleaf Pyrola Shinleaf No
Hollyhock ----- No
Musk Cheeseweed Musk Mallow, Musk-plant No
Canadian St. John's-wort ----- No
Common St. John's-wort Perforate St. John's-wort No
Fraser's Marsh St. John's-wort ----- No
Larger Canadian St. John's-wort ----- No
Pale St. John's-wort Elliptic-leaved St. John's-wort No
Slender St. John's-wort ----- No
Spotted St. John's-wort Dotted St. John's-wort, Corymbed St. John's-wort No
Virginia Marsh St. John's-wort ----- Yes
Canada Frostweed Rock-rose, Long-bracted Frostweed, Frost-wort No
Narrow-leaf Pinweed Narrow-leaved Pinweed, Prairie Pinweed, Large-podded Pinweed, Intermediate Pinweed, Large-pod Pinweed No
Cucumber Gherkin No
Field Pumpkin Pumpkin, Zucchini No
One-seed Bur-cucumber One-seeded Bur-cucumber, Angled Bur-cucumber No
Wild Mock-cucumber Wild Cucumber, Prickly Cucumber No
American Dog Violet Dog Violet No
Canada Violet ----- No
Downy Yellow Violet Hairy Violet No
Great-spurred Violet Selkirk's Violet No
Long-spur Violet Long-spurred Violet No
Marsh Blue Violet ----- No
Woolly Blue Violet ----- No
Red-root Amaranth Redroot Pigweed, Green Amaranth, Redroot Amaranth, Wild-beet Amaranth, Rough Pigweed No
Rough-fruit Amaranth Roughfruit Amaranth, Roughfruit Waterhemp, Tall Waterhemp, Tall Pigweed No
Bearded Pink Sweet William, Bearded Pink No
Common Mouse-ear Chickweed Mouse-eared Chickweed, Larger Mouse-ear Chickweed No
Common Starwort Common Chickweed, Satin-flower No
Deptford Pink Grass Pink No
Field Mouse-ear Chickweed Field Chickweed No
Grove Sandwort Blunt-leaf Sandwort No
Little Starwort Common Chickweed, Grass-leaved Stitchwort No
Long-leaf Stitchwort Long-leaved Stitchwort, Long-leaved Chickweed No
Maiden Pink Meadow Pink No
Maiden's Tears Bladder Campion, Catchfly No
Michaux's Stitchwort Michaux's Sandwort, Rock Sandwort No
Night-flowering Catchfly Sticky Cockle No
Nodding Chickweed Long-stalked Chickweed No
Procumbent Pearlwort Bird's-eye Pearlwort No
Sleepy Catchfly ----- No
Soapwort Bruisewort, Bouncing-bet, Bouncing Bet No
Thyme-leaf Sandwort Thyme-leaved Sandwort, Thymeleaf Sandwort No
Wide-leaved Bladder Catchfly White Campion, Bladder Campion, White Cockle No
Fogg's Goosefoot ----- Yes
Giant-seed Goosefoot Maple-leaved Goosefoot No
Oak-leaved Goosefoot Oak-leaf Goosefoot, Rocky Mountain Goosefoot No
Pit-seed Goosefoot Nut-seeded Lamb's Quarters, Berlandier's Goosefoot No
White Goosefoot Lamb's Quarters, Pigweed No
Common Pokeweed Pigeonberry No
Carolina Spring-beauty Carolina Spring Beauty, Wide-leaved Spring Beauty No
Common Purslane ----- No
Narrow-leaved Spring-beauty Narrow-leaved Spring Beauty, Virginia Spring Beauty No
Arrow-leaved Smartweed Arrow-leaved Tearthumb, Arrowleaf Tearthumb No
Black Bindweed Wild Buckwheat No
Curly Dock Sour Dock, Curled Dock, Curly-leaf Dock No
Dock Sheep Sorrel, Field Sorrel No
Dock-leaf Smartweed Pale Smartweed, Dock-leaved Knotweed, Harsh Knotweed, Green Smartweed No
Dotted Smartweed Water Smartweed No
Douglas' Knotweed ----- No
Fringed Black Bindweed Fringed Black Knotweed No
Halberd-leaved Tear-thumb ----- Yes
Hedge Smartweed Climbing False Buckwheat, Climbing Bindweed No
Japanese Knotweed Japanese Bindweed No
Lady's Thumb Lady's-thumb, Redshank No
Marsh-pepper Smartweed Water-pepper, Common Smartweed No
Mild Smartweed Lind Water-pepper No
Pennsylvania Smartweed Pink Knotweed No
Prostrate Knotweed Pink-weed, Doorweed No
Rhubarb ----- No
Swamp Dock ----- No
Virginia Knotweed Jumpseed No
Water Dock Great Water Dock No
Water Smartweed Swamp Smartweed, Amphibious Bistort No
American Stinging Nettle ----- No
Canada Clearweed Dwarf Clearweed, Coolweed No
European Stinging Nettle ----- No
False Nettle Bog-hemp, Smallspike False Nettle No
Pennsylvania Pellitory ----- No
Wood Nettle Stinging Nettle, Canada Nettle No
Canada Wild Ginger Indian Ginger No
Common Hornwort Common Coontail No
Fragrant White Water-lily Fragrant Water Lily No
Tuberous White Water-lily ----- No
Variegated Pond-lily Yellow Cow-lily, Bullhead Lily, Yellow Water Lily, Spatterdock, Cow Lily No
Climbing Fumitory Fairy Creeper, Allegheny Vine No
Dutchman's Breeches Soldier's-cap, Soldier's Cap, Dutchman's-breeches No
Golden Corydalis ----- No
Pale Corydalis Pink Corydalis, Harlequin-flower No
Squirrel-corn Bleeding-heart No
Bloodroot Puccoon-root No
Blue Cohosh ----- No
May Apple Mandrake, Wild-mandrake, May-apple, Mayapple No
Twinleaf Rheumatism-root No
American Liverleaf Round-lobed Hepatica No
Bristly Crowfoot Bristly Buttercup No
Canada Anemone Round-leaved Anemone, Roundleaf Thimbleweed No
Creeping Buttercup Creeping Crowfoot, Gold-balls No
Creeping Spearwort Creeping Buttercup No
Cursed Crowfoot Celery-leaved Buttercup, Cursed Buttercup No
Early Buttercup ----- No
Early Meadow-rue ----- No
Eastern White Water-crowfoot White Water Buttercup No
European Columbine Garden Columbine, Culverwort, Capon's Feather No
Goldthread Gold Thread, Canker-root No
Hooked Crowfoot Hooked Buttercup, Rough Crowfoot No
Kidney-leaved Buttercup Kidney-leaf Buttercup, Small-flowered Buttercup No
Marsh Marigold Marsh-marigold, Cowslip No
Red Baneberry ----- No
Sharp-lobed Liverleaf Sharp-lobed Hepatica No
Spearwort Buttercup Greater Creeping Spearwort No
Tall Buttercup Meadow Buttercup, Common Buttercup No
Tall Meadow-rue Late Meadow-rue No
Virginia Anemone Tall Anemone, Tall Thimbleweed, Riverbank Anemone No
White Baneberry Doll's Eyes, Doll's-eyes No
Wild Columbine Rock-bells, Canadian Columbine, Red Columbine No
Windflower Rue Anemone, Rue-anemone Yes
Wood Anemone Windflower, Snow-drops No
Yellow Water-crowfoot Greater Yellow Buttercup, Yellow Water Buttercup No
American Water-pennywort Marsh Pennywort, American Marsh-pennywort No
Black Snake-root Black Sanicle No
Bulb-bearing Water-hemlock Bulbous Water-hemlock, Bulbiferous Water-hemlock No
Canada Honewort Umbelweed No
Clustered Snake-root Yellow Sanicle, Cluster Sanicle No
Common Alexanders Golden Alexanders, Golden Meadow-parsnip No
Common Caraway Carvies No
Garden Parsley Common Parsley No
Goutweed Herb-gerard, Snow-on-the-Mountain, Goat's-foot, Ground Elder, Ground-Elder, Bishop's Weed No
Hairy Sweet-cicely Woolly Sweet-cicely, Sweet Javril No
Hemlock Water-parsnip Fragrant Water-parsnip No
Indian Dill ----- No
Lanate Cow-parsnip ----- No
Smoother Sweet-cicely Licorice Root, Anise Root, Anise-root No
Spotted Water-hemlock Spotted Cowbane No
Wild Carrot Queen Anne's Lace No
Wild Parsnip Madnep No
Yellow Pimpernel ----- No
American Ginseng Five-leaved Ginseng Yes
American Spikenard Indian Root, Indian-root, Life-of-man, Petty Morel No
English Ivy ----- No
Wild Sarsaparilla Virginian Sarsaparilla, Small Spikenard No
Dwarf Bunchberry Bunchberry, Dwarf Cornel No
Corrugate-seed Broom-spurge Ridge-seeded Spurge, Mat Spurge No
Cypress Spurge Irish Moss, Cemetary Sedge No
Spotted Spurge Milk Purslane, Blotched Spurge, Hairy-fruited Spurge No
Virginia Copperleaf Three-seeded Mercury, Virginia Three-seed Mercury. Mercuryweed, Wax Balls No
Worm-seeded Spurge Hairy-stemmed Spurge, Hairy Spurge No
Peas, Beans
Alsike Clover Alsatian Clover, Swedish Clover No
American Groundnut Ground Nut, Wild Bean, Indian Potato, Potato-bean No
American Hog-peanut ----- No
Bare-stemmed Tick-trefoil Naked-flowered Tick-trefoil No
Bird's-foot Trefoil Horned Trefoil No
Black Medick Hop Medick No
Canadian Milk-vetch Canada Milk-vetch, Carolina Milk-vetch, Canada Milkvetch, Carolina Milkvetch, Canadian Milkvetch No
Clammy Locust ----- No
Common Crown-vetch Axseed, Variable Crown-vetch, Trailing Crown-vetch No
Hairy Bush-clover ----- No
Large Tick-trefoil Pointed-leaved Tick-trefoil, Glutinous Tick-trefoil No
Lentil Vetch Slender Vetch, Four-seeded Vetch No
Low Hop Clover Large Hop Clover No
Pale Vetchling Peavine Cream-coloured Vetchling, Pale Vetchling, Cream-colored Vetchling No
Panicled Tick-trefoil Bush Tick-trefoil No
Prostrate Tick-trefoil Round-leaved Tick-trefoil Yes
Rabbit-foot Clover Old Field Clover,Stone Clover, Hare-foot Clover, Hare's foot Clover, Rabbit's Foot Clover, Pussy Clover No
Red Clover Broad-leaved Clover, Meadow Clover, Purple Clover, Peavine Clover No
Round-head Bush-clover Round-headed Bush-clover No
Showy Tick-trefoil Canadian Tick-trefoil No
Spring Vetch Common Vetch, Chicken Vetch No
Sweet-pea Sweet Pea No
Tufted Vetch Cow Vetch No
Vetchling Peavine Marsh Vetchling, Marsh Wild Pea, Marsh Peavine, Wild Pea No
Violet Bush-clover Violet Lespedeza Yes
Wand Bush-clover Wand-like Bush-clover, Intermediate Bush-clover No
White Clover Dutch Clover, Ladino Clover, White Dutch Clover, Honeysuckle Clover No
White Sweetclover White Melilot, White Sweet-clover No
Wild Bean Trailing Wild Bean, Beach Bean, Beach-bean, Beach Pea, Beach-pea Yes
Yellow Alfalfa ----- No
Yellow Clover Hop Clover, Golden Trefoil, Large Hop Clover, Large Trefoil No
Yellow Sweetclover Yellow Sweet-clover, Yellow Melilot No
Pale Jewel-weed Pale Touch-me-not, Pale Snapweed No
Spotted Jewel-weed Spotted Touch-me-not No
Bicknell Northern Crane's-bill Bicknell's Crane's-bill, Bicknell's Geranium No
Carolina Crane's-bill ----- No
Herb-robert Robert's Geranium No
Wild Crane's-bill Spotted Crane's-bill, Spotted Geranium No
Northern Wood-sorrel Irish Shamrock, Common Wood-sorrel, True Wood-sorrel No
Upright Yellow Wood-sorrel European Wood-sorrel No
Alternate-flowered Water-milfoil Loose-flowered Water-milfoil No
Eurasian Water-milfoil Spiked Water-milfoil No
Marsh Mermaid-weed Field Mermaid-weed No
Purple Loosestrife Spiked Loosestrife No
Swamp Willow-herb Water-willow, Swamp Loosestrife, Swamp Willow-herb, Water Oleander, Water Willow, Hairy Swamp Loosestrife No
Common Evening-primrose Yellow Evening-primrose No
Great Hairy Willow-herb Hairy Willow-herb No
Hairy Willow-herb Northern Willow-herb No
Linear-leaved Willow-herb Bog Willow-herb, Narrow-leaf Willow-herb, Narrow-leaved Willow-herb No
Narrow-leaved Evening-primrose Sundrops Yes
Northern Evening-primrose Small-flowered Evening-primrose, Least Evening-primrose No
Perennial Evening-primrose Small Sundrops No
Purple-leaf Willow-herb Purple-leaved Willow-herb, Purple-veined Willow-herb No
Small Enchanter's Nightshade Alpine Enchanter's Nightshade, Dwarf Enchanter's Nightshade, Smaller Enchanter's Nightshade No
Southern Broad-leaf Enchanter's Nightshade Yellowish Enchanter's Nightshade, Canada Enchanter's Nightshade No
Spiked Willow-herb Fireweed No
Gay-wing Milkwort Fringed Polygala, Flowering Wintergreen, Gay Wings No
Seneca Snakeroot Seneca-snakeroot, Mountain Flax No
Ditch Stonecrop Virginia Stonecrop No
Garden Stonecrop Orpine, Live Forever No
Mossy Stonecrop Gold-moss No
Stringy Stonecrop Creeping Stonecrop No
Hoary Mock-orange Hairy Mock-orange, Hairy Mockorange, Hoary Mockorange No
Ashy Cinquefoil Downy Cinquefoil No
Barren Strawberry Dry Strawberry No
Canada Cinquefoil Old Field Cinquefoil, Running Five-fingers, Five-finger, Common Cinquefoil No
False Spiraea Sorb-leaved Schizonotus No
Hoary Cinquefoil Silvery Cinquefoil, Silverleaf Cinquefoil No
Large-leaved Avens Largeleaf Avens No
Marsh Cinquefoil Purple Cinquefoil No
Norwegian Cinquefoil Rough Cinquefoil, Norway Cinquefoil, Barren Strawberry No
Old-field Cinquefoil Decumbent Five-finger No
Silvery Cinquefoil Silverweed No
Sulphur Cinquefoil Erect Cinquefoil, Rough-fruited Cinquefoil, Sulfur Cinquefoil, Roughfruit Cinquefoil No
Tall Hairy Groovebur Hooked Agrimony, Tall Hairy Agrimony No
Virginia Strawberry Wild Strawberry, Scarlet Strawberry, Common Strawberry No
White Avens Canada Avens No
Woodland Strawberry Wood Strawberry, Hedge Strawberry No
Yellow Avens Common Avens No
American Golden-saxifrage American Water-mat No
Heart-leaved Foam-flower Heart-leaved False Mitrewort, Foamflower No
Naked Bishop's-cap Naked Mitrewort No
Two-leaf Bishop's-cap Two-leaved Mitrewort, Coolwort, Two-leaved Bishop's Cap No
Virginia Saxifrage Early Saxifrage No
Umbellate Bastard Bastard Toadflax, Bastard Toad-flax No
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