1000 Islands Ecology

Species Checklist
for the

of the
Thousand Islands
Oliver K. Reichl, B.E.S.(Hons)

This checklist contains the English names of fish species whose range includes the Thousand Islands ecosystem. Tracked species should be reported to Ontario's Natural Heritage Resources Centre (NHIC). Simply click the link ("Yes") to go directly to the NHIC's online reporting form.

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Kingdom: Animals
—Phylum: Chordates
——Subphylum: Vertebrates
Common Name Synonyms Tracked
Bony Fishes
Lake Sturgeon Sturgeon, Freshwater Sturgeon, Common Sturgeon, Great Lakes Sturgeon, Red Sturgeon, Ruddy Sturgeon, Black Sturgeon, Rock Sturgeon, Stone Sturgeon, Dogface Sturgeon, Shellback Sturgeon, Bony Sturgeon, Smoothback, Rubber Nose Yes
Bowfin Dogfish, Mudfish, Mud Pike, Grindle, Grinnell, Griddle, Spot-tail, Lawyer, Cottonfish, Blackfish, Speckled Cat, Scaled Ling, Beaverfish, Cypress Trout No
Freshwater Eels
American Eel Eel, Common Eel, Atlantic Eel, Boston Eel, Snakefish, Silver Eel, Yellow-bellied Eel, Bronze Eel, Black Eel, Green Eel No
New World Silversides
Brook Silverside Skipjack, Topwater, Friar, Glassfish No
Greater Redhorse Common Redhorse Yes
Longnose Sucker Sturgeon, Northern Sucker, Finescale Sucker, Red Sucker, Black Sucker, Red-sided Sucker, Mullet No
Northern Redhorse Shorthead Redhorse, Common Redhorse, Redfin, Red Sucker, Common Mullet, Short-headed Mullet, Bigscale Sucker, Brook Mullet, River Sucker, Eastern Redhorse No
Quillback Carpsucker, Lake Quillback, Eastern Quillback, Long-finned Sucker, Broad Mullet, White Carp, Silvery Carp, Drum, Plains Carpsucker No
River Redhorse Mullet, Redhorse, Redhorse Sucker, River Mullet, Greater Redhorse, Redfin Redhorse, Pavement-toothed Redhorse, Big-jawed Sucker, Big-toothed Redhorse Yes
Silver Redhorse Silver Mullet, Whitenose Redhorse, Whitenose Sucker No
White Sucker Common Sucker, Common Brook Sucker, Coarse-scaled Sucker, Fine-scaled Sucker, June Sucker, Eastern Sucker, Mud Sucker, Slender Sucker, Grey Sucker, Black Sucker, Black Whitehorse, Mullet, Carp No
Black Crappie Crappie, Calico Bass, Strawberry Bass, Speckled Bass, Silver Bass, Banklick Bass, Butter Bass, Straw Bass, Grass Bass, Oswego Bass, Shiner, Moonfish, Lamplighter, Papermouth, Bitterhead, Razorback, Bachelor Perch, Tinmouth Perch, Barfish Perch, Specks Perch, Slab Perch, Mason Perch No
Bluegill Sunfish, Northern Bluegill Sunfish, Common Bluegill, Blue Sunfish, Sun Perch, Bream, Blue Bream, Copper-nosed Bream, Pale Sunfish, Bluegill Bream, Bluemouth Sunfish, Roach, Blackear Bream, Chain-sided Sunfish, Dollardee, Strawberry Bass No
Largemouth Bass Northern Largemouth, Black Bass, Green Bass, Bigmouth Bass, Jumper Bass, Mossback Bass, Oswego Bass, Cow Bass, Lake Bass, Straw Bass, River Bass, Mud Bass, Line-side Trout, Green Trout No
Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Yellow Sunfish, Common Sunfish, Round Sunfish, Sunny, Punky, Sun Bass, Pond Perch, Bream, Flatfish, Kivvy, Kiver, Yellow Belly, Tobacco Box, Quiver, Roach No
Rock Bass Redeye, Goggle Eye, Garguncle No
Smallmouth Bass Northern Smallmouth, Black Bass, Brown Bass, Gold Bass, Green Bass, Oswego Bass, White Trout, Green Trout, Mountain Trout; Bronzeback, Redeye, Smallie, Jumper No
Alewife Gaspereau, Mulhaden, Sawbelly, Spreau, Kyack, Golden Shad, Bigeye Herring, Freshwater Herring, Gray Herring, Grayback, Grey Herring, Glut Herring, Branch Herring, Spring Herring, River Herring, White Herring No
Gizzard Shad Hickory Shad, Lake Shad, Jack Shad, Skipjack, Mud Shad, Sawbelly, Hairy Back, Stink Shad, American Gizzard Shad, Eastern Gizzard Shad No
Scaleless Sculpins
Mottled Sculpin Miller's Thumb, Columbia Sculpin, Muffle-jaw, Spoonhead, Blob, Gudgeon, Freshwater Sculpin, Muddler, Springfish, Lake Sculpin No
Slimy Sculpin Slimy Muddler, Miller's Thumb, Northern Sculpin, Stargazer, Big Fin, Cockatouch, Bear Lake Bullhead No
Carps, Minnows
Blackchin Shiner Black-striped Shiner No
Blacknose Dace Eastern Blacknose Dace, Striped Dace, Redfin Dace, Brook Minnow, Potbelly, Pottlebelly, Slicker No
Blacknose Shiner Northern Blacknose Shiner, Blacknose Dace, Black-sided Minnow, Muskoka Minnow, Cayuga Minnow, Blunt-nosed Minnow No
Bluntnose Minnow Bluenosed Chub, Bullhead Minnow, Fat-head Chub No
Brassy Minnow Grass Minnow, Hankinson's Minnow No
Bridle Shiner ----- Yes
Common Carp Carp, German Carp, European Carp, King Carp, Mirror Carp, Leather Carp, German Bass, Freshwater Carp, Buglemouth Bass No
Common Shiner Eastern Shiner, Redfin Shiner, Silver Shiner, Silverside, Rough-head, Hornyhead, Creek Shiner, Dace, Skipjack No
Creek Chub Horned Dace, Common Chub, Brook Chub, Tommycod, Silvery Chub, Mud Chub, Blackspot Chub No
Cutlips Minnow Cutlip Minnow, Eye-picker, Little Sucker No
Eastern Silvery Minnow ----- Yes
Emerald Shiner Lake Shiner, Lake Silverside, Buckeye Shiner, Milwaukee Shiner, Lake Michigan Shiner No
Fallfish American Chub, Silver Chub, Mohawk, White Chub, Roughnosed Chub, Rough-nosed Chub, Windfish, Corporal, Chivin, Whiting, Shining Dace No
Fathead Minnow Northern Fathead Minnow, Blackhead Minnow, Tuffy Minnow No
Finescale Dace Bronze Minnow, New World Minnow, Rainbow Chub, Leatherback No
Golden Shiner Eastern Golden Shiner, Roach, Bream, American Roach, American Bream, Butterfish, Sunfish, Windfish, Goldfish, Dace, Chub, Bitterhead, Gudgeon, Young Shad No
Goldfish Golden Carp No
Grass Carp Silver Orfe No
Lake Chub Northern Chub, Creek Chub, Chub Minnow, Moose Lake Minnow, Bottlefish No
Longnose Dace Great Lakes Longnose Dace, Stream Shooter No
Mimic Shiner Channel Mimic Shiner No
Northern Redbelly Dace Red-bellied Dace No
Pearl Dace Nachtrieb Dace, Northern Minnow, Northern Dace No
Pugnose Shiner ----- Yes
Rosyface Shiner Skipjack No
Rudd Pearl Roach No
Sand Shiner Shore Minnow, Straw-coloured Minnow No
Spotfin Shiner Silver-finned Minnow, Satin-finned Minnow, Blue Minnow, Steelcoloured Shiner, Steel-coloured Shiner, Lemonfin Minnow No
Spottail Shiner Spawneater, Sucking Carp No
Pickerels, Pikes
Chain Pickerel Eastern Pickerel, Mud Pickerel, Grass Pickerel, Lake Pickerel, Reticulated Pickerel, Federation Pickerel, Green Pike, Black-chain Pike, River Pike, Grass Pike, Duck-billed Pike, Jack, Snake No
Grass Pickerel Western Pickerel, Grass Pickerel, Mud Pickerel, Slough Pickerel, Little Pickerel, Central Redfin Pickerel, Grass Pike, Mud Pike Yes
Muskellunge Musky, Lunge, Jack, Chatauqua, Tiger Muskellunge, Spotted Muskellunge, Barred Muskellunge, Great Muskellunge, Leopard Muskellunge, Great Lakes Muskellunge, Ohio Muskellunge, Wisconsin Muskellunge, Maskinonge No
Northern Pike Pike, Great Northern Pike, Pickerel, Snake, Wolf, Gator, Slinker, Great Lakes Pike, Canada Pike, Shovelnose Pike, Channel Pickerel, Short Pickerel, Marsh Pickerel, Slough Shark, Snakefish, Hammer Handle, Grass Pike, Jack No
Banded Killifish Freshwater Mummichog, Freshwater Killy, Grayback, Topminnow, Eastern Banded Killifish, Western Banded Killifish, Menona Killifish, Barred Minnow, Hardhead No
Codfishes, Cods, Burbots
Burbot Ling, Sand Ling, Eelpout, American Burbot, Freshwater Cod, Mother-of-eels, Gudgeon, Maria, Methy, Freshwater Cusk, Spineless Cat, Dogfish, Lawyer, Lush, Loche, Freshwater Eel, Lycode No
Brook Stickleback Five-spined Stickleback, Black Stickleback, Variable Stickleback, Common Stickleback, Six-spined Stickleback, Pinfish No
Ninespine Stickleback Tenspine Stickleback, Pinfish, Tiny Burnstickle, Many-spined Stickleback No
Threespine Stickleback Twospine Stickleback, Common Stickleback, Eastern Stickleback, European Stickleback, New York Stickleback, Banstickle, Panstickle, Pinfish, Tiddler No
Round Goby Caspian Round Goby No
Mooneye Toothed Herring, River Whitefish, Freshwater Herring, Cisco, White Shad No
North American Catfishes
Brown Bullhead Bullhead, Northern Brown Bullhead, Mudcat, Horned Pout, Brown Catfish, Marbled Bullhead, Common Bullhead, Speckled Cat, Bullpout, Minister, Mud Cat, Creek Cat, Red Cat, Wooly Cat, Schuylkill Cat, Sacramento Cat No
Channel Catfish Graceful Catfish, Spotted Catfish, Great Lake Catfish, Flathead, Lake Catfish, Northern Catfish, Blue Channel Cat, Lady Cat, White Cat, Fiddler, Willow Cat, Blue Fulton, Chucklehead No
Stonecat Stone Catfish, White Cat, Doogler, Beetle-eye, Mongrel Bullhead, Deepwater Bullhead, Little Yellow Cat No
Tadpole Madtom Tadpole Stonecat, Tadpole Cat No
Yellow Bullhead Bullhead, Northern Yellow Bullhead, Yellow Catfish, Creek Cat, White-whiskered Bullhead, Greaser, Polliwog, Yellowbelly Bullhead, Butterball, Buttercat, Paper Skin, Slick Bullhead, Mississippi Bullhead No
Longnose Gar Garpike, Gar Pike, Northern Longnose Gar, Billy Gar, Billfish, Needlenose, Northern Mailed Fish, Pin-nose Gar, Bonypike, Scissorbill No
Temperate Basses
White Bass Silver Bass, White Lake Bass, Striper, Streaker, Sand Bass, Barfish, Gray Bass, Striped Lake Bass, Black-striped Bass No
White Perch Sea Perch, Silver Perch, Narrow-mouthed Bass, Bluenose Perch, Gray Perch No
Rainbow Smelt American Smelt, Atlantic Smelt, Atlantic Rainbow Smelt, Arctic Rainbow Smelt, Freshwater Smelt, Lake Smelt, Sea Smelt, Saltwater Smelt, Smelt, Frostfish, Icefish, Leefish, Spirling No
Perches, Darters
Channel Darter Copeland's Darter Yes
Fantail Darter Striped Fantail Darter, Barred Fantail Darter No
Iowa Darter Yellowbelly, Red-sided Darter, Weed Darter No
Johnny Darter Central Johnny Darter No
Logperch Zebra Fish, Jackfish, Manitou Darter, Rockfish, Hogmolly, Hogfish No
Ruffe Pope, Ruff, Blacktail, Redfin Darter No
Sauger Sand Pickerel, Blue Pickerel, Baby Pickerel, Grey Pickerel, Pike, Pike-perch, River Pike, Spotfin Pike, Pickering, Jack Salmon, Horsefish, Spotted Trout, Sauger Pike, Rattlesnake Pike No
Tessellated Darter ----- No
Walleye Yellow Pike, Yellow Pickerel, Walleye Pickerel, Walleye Pike, Dory, Gray Pike, Green Pike, Jack Salmon, Glass Eye, Marble Eye No
Yellow Perch Lake Perch, American Perch, Raccoon Perch, Striped Perch, Redfin Perch, Ring Perch, Jack Perch, Perch, Coontail, Convict, Yellow Ned No
Trout-perch Silver Chub, Sand Roller No
Trouts, Salmons
Atlantic Salmon Ouananiche, Landlocked Salmon, Lake Atlantic Salmon, Lake Salmon, Sebago, Kennebec Salmon, Black Salmon, Grayling, Bratan No
Bloater Bloat, Hoy's Cisco Yes
Brook Trout Trout, Char, Charr, Brook Charr, Brook Char, Brookie, Slob, Coaster, Salter, Speck, Whitefin, Square-tail, Speckled Ttrout, Eastern Brook Trout, Sea Trout, Redspotted Trout, Mud Trout, Harness Trout, Native Trout, Mountain Trout No
Brown Trout German Brown Trout, European Brown Trout, Brownie, Loch Leven Trout, von Behr Trout, Spotted Trout, Liberty Trout, Salters, Sea Trout No
Chinook Salmon Chinook, Spring Salmon, King Salmon, Tyee, Quinnat, Blackmouth, Blackjaw, Hookbill, Winter Salmon, Chub Salmon, Pink Chinook, Red Chinook, White Chinook No
Cisco Lake Herring No
Coho Salmon Silver Salmon, Sea Trout, Blueback, Hooknose, Silversides, White Salmon, Medium Red Salmon, Medium Red Coho Salmon, Hoopid Salmon No
Kiyi Chub, Waterbelly, Mooneye Yes
Lake Trout Lake Char, Lake Charr, Great Lakes Trout, Forktail Trout, Mackinaw Trout, Salmon Trout, Fat Lake Trout, Grey Trout, Mountain Trout, Laker, Landlocked Salmon No
Lake Whitefish Whitefish, Common Whitefish, Sault Whitefish, Eastern Whitefish, Great Lakes Whitefish, Inland Whitefish, Gizzard Fish, Lake Herring, Labrador Whitefish, Sead, Humpback, Buffalo Back, Whitebait Yes
Rainbow Trout Steelhead Trout, Steelhead Salmon, Deep Sea Trout, Kamloops Trout, Coast Rainbow Trout, Coastal Rainbow Trout, Silver Trout, Half-pounder, Redband Trout, Inland Redband Trout, Redsides, Redband Steelhead, Pacific Trout, Columbia River Redband Trout No
Round Whitefish Whitefish, Pilot Fish, Frost Fish, Menominee Whitefish, Cross Whitefish, Lake Minnow, Menomini No
Shortnose Cisco Chub, Cisco, Reighard's Chub, Reighard's Cisco, Shortnose Chub, Greaser Yes
Drums, Croakers
Freshwater Drum Drum, Sheepshead, Silver Bass, Grunter, Red River Bass, Thunder-pumper, White Perch, Goo, Gray Perch, Lake Drum, River Drum, Jewel-head, Bubbler, Grinder, Crocus, Gaspergou No
Central Mudminnow Western Minnow, Mudfish, Mudpuppy, Dogfish, Mississippi Mudminnow No
Jawless Fishes
Sea Lamprey Lamprey, Lake Lamprey, Lamprey Eel, Lamper Eel, Stone Sucker, Stonesucker No
Silver Lamprey Northern Lamprey, Brook Lamprey Yes
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