1000 Islands Ecology

Species Checklist
for the

of the
Thousand Islands
Oliver K. Reichl, B.E.S.(Hons)

This checklist contains the English names of fern species whose range includes the Thousand Islands ecosystem. Tracked species should be reported to Ontario's Natural Heritage Resources Centre (NHIC). Simply click the link ("Yes") to go directly to the NHIC's online reporting form.

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Kingdom: Plants
—Subkingdom: Vascular Plants
Common Name Synonyms Tracked
Polypodiopsida (Filicopsida)
Cut-leaf Moonwort Cut-leaved Grape-fern, Cut-leaved Moonwort, Oblique Grape-fern, Cut-leaf Grapefern, Lacyleaf Grapefern, Dissected Moonwort No
Least Moonwort Dwarf Grape-fern, Hitchcock's Grape-fern, Little Moonwort, Little Grape-fern, Little Grapefern, Least Grape-fern, Least Grapefern No
Leathery Moonwort Multifid Grape-fern, Leathery Grapefern, Leathery Grape-fern No
Matricary Moonwort Daisy-leaved Grape-fern, Daisy-leaf Moonwort, Matricary Grape-fern, Daisyleaf Moonwort, Matricary Grapefern, Chamomile Grapefern, Chamomile Grape-fern, Daisy-leaved Moonwort No
Rattlesnake Fern Virginia Grape-fern No
Triangle Moonwort Triangle Grape-fern, Narrow Triangle Moonwort, Narrow Grape-fern, Lanceleaf Grapefern, Lance-leaved Grape-fern Yes
Maidenhair Ferns
Northern Maidenhair-fern Northern Maidenhair Fern, Five-finger Fern No
Slender Cliff-brake Steller's Cliff-brake, Slender Rock-brake No
Smooth Cliff-brake ----- No
Bulblet Bladder Fern Bulb-bearing Fern, Bulblet Fern, Bulblet Cystopteris No
Christmas Fern ----- No
Clinton's Wood-fern Clinton's Fern No
Common Oak-fern ----- No
Crested Shield-fern Crested Wood-fern No
Ebony Spleenwort ----- No
Evergreen Wood-fern American Shield-fern No
Fragile Bladder Fern Brittle Fern, Fragile Fern No
Mackay's Bladder Fern Mackay's Brittle Fern No
Maidenhair Spleenwort ----- No
Marginal Wood-fern Marginal Shield-fern, Marginal Fern, Evergreen Shield-fern No
Marsh Fern Marsh Shield-fern No
New York Fern ----- No
Northeastern Lady Fern Northern Lady Fern No
Northern Beech Fern Long Beech Fern No
Rusty Woodsia Rusty Cliff Fern No
Silvery Glade-fern Silvery Spleenwort, Silvery Glade Fern No
Spinulose Wood-fern Spinulose Shield-fern No
Triploid Wood-fern ----- No
Walking-fern Spleenwort Walking Fern No
Bracken Ferns
Bracken Fern Eastern Bracken Fern No
Eastern Hay-scented Fern Hay-scented Fern No
Sensitive Ferns
Ostrich Fern ----- No
Sensitive Fern ----- No
Royal Ferns
Cinnamon Fern ----- No
Interrupted Fern Clayton's Fern No
Royal Fern ----- No
Polypody Ferns
Rock Polypody Common Polypody, Rock Polypody Fern No
Curly Grasses
Curly-grass Fern Curlygrass Fern No
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