1000 Islands Ecology

Species Checklist
for the

of the
Thousand Islands
Oliver K. Reichl, B.E.S.(Hons)

This checklist contains the English names of bird species whose range includes the Thousand Islands ecosystem. Tracked species should be reported to Ontario's Natural Heritage Resources Centre (NHIC). Simply click the link ("Yes") to go directly to the NHIC's online reporting form.

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Kingdom: Animals
—Phylum: Chordates
——Subphylum: Vertebrates
Common Name Synonyms Tracked
Swans, Geese and Ducks
Ducks, Geese and Allies
American Black Duck ----- No
American Wigeon ----- No
Barrow's Goldeneye ----- No
Black Scoter ----- Yes
Blue-winged Teal ----- No
Brant ----- No
Bufflehead ----- Yes
Canada Goose ----- No
Canvasback ----- Yes
Common Goldeneye ----- No
Common Merganser ----- No
Eurasian Wigeon ----- No
Gadwall ----- No
Greater Scaup ----- Yes
Green-winged Teal ----- No
Harlequin Duck Current Duck No
Hooded Merganser ----- No
King Eider ----- Yes
Lesser Scaup ----- No
Long-tailed Duck Oldsquaw Yes
Mallard ----- No
Northern Pintail ----- No
Northern Shoveler ----- No
Red-breasted Merganser ----- No
Redhead ----- Yes
Ring-necked Duck ----- No
Ruddy Duck ----- Yes
Surf Scoter ----- Yes
White-winged Scoter ----- Yes
Wood Duck ----- No
Geese, Swans
Snow Goose ----- No
Tundra Swan ----- Yes
Trumpeter Swan ----- No
Hummingbirds, Swifts
Swifts, Swiftlets
Chimney Swift ----- No
Ruby-throated Hummingbird ----- No
Goatsuckers and Allies
Whip-poor-will ----- No
Common Nighthawk ----- No
Shorebirds, Gulls, Auks and Allies
Avocets, Oystercatchers
American Golden-plover Lesser Golden-plover Yes
Black-bellied Plover ----- No
Killdeer ----- No
Semipalmated Plover ----- No
Gulls, Terns
Black-legged Kittiwake ----- No
Bonaparte's Gull ----- No
Franklin's Gull ----- No
Glaucous Gull ----- No
Great Black-backed Gull Greater Black-backed Gull Yes
Herring Gull ----- No
Iceland Gull ----- No
Lesser Black-backed Gull ----- No
Little Gull ----- Yes
Ring-billed Gull ----- No
Black Tern ----- Yes
Caspian Tern ----- Yes
Common Tern ----- No
Forster's Tern ----- Yes
Avocets, Stilts
American Avocet ----- No
Sandpipers and Allies
Red Phalarope ----- No
Wilson's Phalarope ----- Yes
American Woodcock ----- No
Baird's Sandpiper ----- No
Common Snipe ----- No
Dunlin ----- Yes
Greater Yellowlegs ----- No
Least Sandpiper ----- No
Lesser Yellowlegs ----- No
Pectoral Sandpiper ----- Yes
Purple Sandpiper ----- No
Red Knot ----- No
Ruddy Turnstone ----- No
Sanderling ----- No
Semipalmated Sandpiper ----- No
Short-billed Dowitcher ----- Yes
Solitary Sandpiper ----- No
Spotted Sandpiper ----- No
Upland Sandpiper ----- No
Whimbrel ----- Yes
White-rumped Sandpiper ----- No
Skuas, Jaegers
Parasitic Jaeger ----- Yes
Herons, Ibises, Storks and Allies
Herons, Bitterns, Egrets
American Bittern ----- No
Black-crowned Night-heron ----- Yes
Cattle Egret ----- Yes
Great Blue Heron ----- No
Great Egret ----- Yes
Green Heron Green-backed Heron No
Least Bittern ----- Yes
American Vultures
Turkey Vulture ----- No
Pigeons, Doves
Pigeons, Doves
Mourning Dove ----- No
Rock Pigeon Rock Dove No
Kingfishers and Allies
Belted Kingfisher ----- No
Cuckoos and Allies
Anis, Cuckoos
Black-billed Cuckoo ----- No
Yellow-billed Cuckoo ----- No
Diurnal Birds of Prey
Eagles, Hawks and Allies
Eagles, Hawks, Harriers
Bald Eagle ----- Yes
Broad-winged Hawk ----- No
Cooper's Hawk ----- No
Golden Eagle ----- Yes
Northern Goshawk ----- No
Northern Harrier Marsh Hawk, Hen Harrier No
Red-shouldered Hawk ----- Yes
Red-tailed Hawk ----- No
Rough-legged Hawk ----- Yes
Sharp-shinned Hawk ----- No
Osprey ----- No
Caracaras and Falcons
Falcons, Kestrels
American Kestrel ----- No
American Peregrine Falcon ----- Yes
Gyrfalcon ----- No
Merlin ----- No
Fowls, Gallinaceous Birds
Grouse, Pheasants
Wild Turkey ----- No
Gray Partridge ----- No
Ring-necked Pheasant Common Pheasant No
Ruffed Grouse ----- No
Common Loon Great Northern Diver No
Red-throated Loon Red-throated Diver Yes
Cranes, Rails and Allies
Sandhill Crane ----- No
Coots, Rails
American Coot ----- No
Common Moorhen ----- No
King Rail ----- Yes
Sora ----- No
Virginia Rail ----- No
Perching Birds
Horned Lark ----- No
Bohemian Waxwing ----- Yes
Cedar Waxwing ----- No
Cardinals and Allies
Indigo Bunting ----- No
Northern Cardinal ----- No
Rose-breasted Grosbeak ----- No
Brown Creeper ----- No
Jays, Magpies and Crows
American Crow ----- No
Blue Jay ----- No
Common Raven ----- No
Fish Crow ----- No
Buntings and Allies
American Tree Sparrow ----- No
Chipping Sparrow ----- No
Clay-colored Sparrow ----- No
Dark-eyed Junco ----- No
Eastern Towhee Rufous-sided Towhee No
Field Sparrow ----- No
Fox Sparrow ----- No
Grasshopper Sparrow ----- No
Henslow's Sparrow ----- Yes
Lapland Longspur ----- No
Lincoln's Sparrow ----- No
Savannah Sparrow ----- No
Snow Bunting ----- No
Song Sparrow ----- No
Swamp Sparrow ----- No
Vesper Sparrow ----- No
White-crowned Sparrow ----- No
White-throated Sparrow ----- No
Finches, Crossbills and Allies
Cardinals, Grosbeaks
American Goldfinch ----- No
Evening Grosbeak ----- No
Hoary Redpoll ----- No
House Finch ----- No
Pine Grosbeak ----- No
Pine Siskin ----- No
Purple Finch ----- No
Red Crossbill ----- No
White-winged Crossbill ----- No
Bank Swallow ----- No
Barn Swallow ----- No
Cliff Swallow ----- No
Northern Rough-winged Swallow ----- No
Purple Martin ----- No
Tree Swallow ----- No
Troupials and Allies
Baltimore Oriole Northern Oriole No
Bobolink ----- No
Brown-headed Cowbird ----- No
Common Grackle ----- No
Eastern Meadowlark ----- No
Orchard Oriole ----- No
Red-winged Blackbird ----- No
Rusty Blackbird ----- No
Yellow-headed Blackbird ----- Yes
Loggerhead Shrike ----- Yes
Northern Shrike ----- Yes
Mockingbirds, Thrashers and Allies
Brown Thrasher ----- No
Gray Catbird ----- No
Northern Mockingbird ----- No
Pipits, Wagtails
American Pipit ----- No
Chickadees, Titmice
Black-capped Chickadee ----- No
Tufted Titmouse ----- Yes
New World Warblers
American Redstart ----- No
Bay-breasted Warbler ----- No
Black-and-white Warbler ----- No
Black-throated Blue Warbler ----- No
Black-throated Green Warbler ----- No
Blackburnian Warbler ----- No
Blackpoll Warbler ----- No
Blue-winged Warbler ----- No
Canada Warbler ----- No
Cape May Warbler ----- No
Cerulean Warbler ----- Yes
Chestnut-sided Warbler ----- No
Common Yellowthroat ----- No
Golden-winged Warbler ----- No
Hooded Warbler ----- Yes
Magnolia Warbler ----- No
Mourning Warbler ----- No
Nashville Warbler ----- No
Northern Parula ----- No
Northern Waterthrush ----- No
Orange-crowned Warbler ----- No
Ovenbird ----- No
Pine Warbler ----- No
Tennessee Warbler ----- No
Western Palm Warbler ----- No
Wilson's Warbler ----- No
Yellow-rumped Warbler ----- No
Yellow Warbler ----- No
Old World Sparrows
House Sparrow ----- No
Golden-crowned Kinglet ----- No
Ruby-crowned Kinglet ----- No
Nuthatches, Tichodromes
Red-breasted Nuthatch ----- No
White-breasted Nuthatch ----- No
Starlings, Mynas
European Starling ----- No
Old World Warblers
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher ----- No
Scarlet Tanager ----- No
Summer Tanager ----- No
Carolina Wren ----- No
House Wren ----- No
Marsh Wren ----- No
Winter Wren ----- No
Thrushes and Allies
American Robin ----- No
Eastern Bluebird ----- No
Gray-cheeked Thrush ----- No
Hermit Thrush ----- No
Swainson's Thrush ----- No
Veery ----- No
Wood Thrush ----- No
Tyrant Flycatchers
Fluvicoline Flycatchers
Alder Flycatcher ----- No
Eastern Phoebe ----- No
Eastern Wood-Pewee ----- No
Least Flycatcher ----- No
Olive-sided Flycatcher ----- No
Willow Flycatcher ----- No
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher ----- No
Tyrannine Flycatchers
Eastern Kingbird ----- No
Great Crested Flycatcher ----- No
Blue-headed Vireo Solitary Vireo No
Philadelphia Vireo ----- No
Red-eyed Vireo ----- No
Warbling Vireo ----- No
Yellow-throated Vireo ----- No
Pelicans and Allies
American White Pelican ----- Yes
Double-crested Cormorant ----- No
Great Cormorant ----- No
Boobies, Gannets
Northern Gannet ----- No
Woodpeckers and Allies
Woodpeckers, Wrynecks
True Woodpeckers
American Three-toed Woodpecker ----- No
Black-backed Woodpecker Black-back Woodpecker No
Downy Woodpecker ----- No
Hairy Woodpecker ----- No
Northern Flicker ----- No
Pileated Woodpecker ----- No
Red-bellied Woodpecker ----- No
Red-headed Woodpecker ----- Yes
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker ----- No
Horned Grebe ----- Yes
Pied-billed Grebe ----- No
Red-necked Grebe ----- Yes
Nocturnal Birds of Prey
Typical Owls
Barred Owl ----- No
Boreal Owl ----- No
Eastern Screech-owl ----- No
Great Gray Owl ----- Yes
Great Horned Owl ----- No
Long-eared Owl ----- No
Northern Hawk Owl ----- No
Northern Saw-whet Owl ----- No
Short-eared Owl ----- Yes
Snowy Owl ----- No
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